The PlayStation 3 Finishing The Fight In 2009?"Here is a predictive analysis of the release list if they were to get out in 2009.The year for the Blu/Black machine starts out with the much anticipated Killzone 2, followed up with Sucker Punch's infamous superhero sandbox extravaganza infamous in summer, followed by MLB 09: The Show. Heavy Rain will be showcased at E3 with a specific release date assumed to be somewhere around late September or early October."

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MURKERR3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

ps3 has the best game roster for 2009 no doubt, as a ps3 owner im super excited at the games approaching but this 'my consoles gona kill your console' is soo childish and boring now

Montrealien3523d ago

don`t forget fascist.

As a gamer I would never want one console to rule them all, there is a reason Frodo had to destroy the ring that would rule them all...

Having access to all the great games coming out on all consoles is clearly the best option is you are a real gamer, the rest is personal preferences and budget.

Lifendz3523d ago

Agree. I truly there is never a one console future. I love having a choice and the competition between the two companies has produced a great time for gamers.

pixelsword3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Where you have a single ruler and everything had to submit to it.

A Fascist configuration would be if every game that came out for a console was first party, to the exclusion of other developers who won't incorporate into the Console's business.

I say that because a fascist government is the combination of government and business production, in this case would be the games being produced.

But I do agree: that configuration would suck donkey &*^^$

Freak of Nature3523d ago

I believe Ratchet and Clank Future 2 should be mentioned on any list?It sure is on my most wanted list....

Now if Team Ico's next game can be unveiled,at least a small snippet,along with a Next Jak game,that would be incredible.Even if they end up being 2010' games,I sure would love to see a little something on them,both my most anticipated games...

As for multi-plats...... Beyond good and evil 2 and how about more news on Brutal legend? Looks like we may get Assassins creed 2 this year,or early next....

Blademask3523d ago

I resign as a fanboy right now.

Makroyale3523d ago

Great game... But I think the reason it's not getting mentioned is the other games are more high profile. Great time to own a PS3.

Great time to get a RRoD so you have an excuse to buy a PS3 and not have to admit you chose the wrong console.

Cajun Chicken3523d ago

Yeah. About time we heard about R&C:F 2. I need more quality 3D platforming goodness and Jak is STILL nowhere to be SEEN!!!

*Tears hair out*

Aquanox3523d ago

The article assumes that Mass Effect 2 is going multi and confirms God of War 3 is coming this year (even when it's confirmed that the 2009 lineup of Sony goes up to May 2010)

Talk about misinformed, biased writing.

rockleex3522d ago

At the end of 2009...

Media: Sony lied. Sony only sold as many PS3s as 360s, although at twice the price. Sony only released multiple AAA games, with a couple getting GOTY awards, and some selling over 4 million copies. Sony lost once again. -_-"

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sinncross3523d ago

I honestly don't see GoW3, MAG or GT5 seeing a 2009 release.
Not that that is a bad thing, those 3 will then suit up with DC Universe Online for 2010.

However, I really hope that Sony makes some unexpected announcements at E3 similar to what happened with the PSP recently, with a handful of unknown games seeing a sudden release and for 2009 as well.

Even with the first 3 games I mentioned, 2009 is pretty good though I'll admit that either GoW3 or Gt5 would really push the year for Sony.

PimpHandHappy3523d ago

I honestly don't see GoW3, MAG or GT5 seeing a 2009 release.

what? are you hanging with the devs? thats great!

pixelsword3523d ago

I spit on my fingers..

you get bubbles for that!


Beast_Master3523d ago

Well I do believe Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, DC Online and MAG all being released this year. The producer of GT5 said he thinks it will release before 2010, unless they make it 3D which is rumored to be happening.

All well, please just give me a firm release date for Infamous and I will be happy.

Rip-Ridah3523d ago

Everything else is just icing on an already delicious cake. Let all the exclusives and quality multiplats roll out.

Gambit073523d ago

I'm really looking forward to Heavy Rain also, but I rather wait for the game to be perfect before released, even if it comes out next year.

Cajun Chicken3523d ago

Isn't Eyepet out this year too?

ThanatosDMC3523d ago

EyePet is a curious game... i kinda want Monster Hunter's monsters for pets instead of that cute little monkey they have. I want a pet Kutku or Tigrex that get's pissed and have it's eyes turn red to try to bite your hand. It'll be a fun way to scare little kids not to touch my PS3!

Cajun Chicken3523d ago

The technology behind it excites me. :D

rockleex3522d ago


Oh no, that just sounds wrong. >_<

colossi163523d ago

I hope we here something about white knight releasing in the west this year.

ThatCanadianGuy3523d ago

I know seriously.Hopefully within the next few months.

no-spin3523d ago

too bad i dislike RPG so much.

Hope 2009 to be a very exciting year