MotorStorm Video Review

Pure off-road action is a lot of fun, but does a lack of modes and options keep this beautiful racer from finishing in first place? has posted a video review of MotorStorm.

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LSDARBY4641d ago

Very detailed which isnt a common thing from gametrailers

Siesser4641d ago

Just finished playing for a while. Nothing sucks more than a big rig coming out of nowhere and nailing you in the rear :( Especially online, with some kid laughing at you.

Game's a lot of fun though, and it's weird playing against AI that at times feels fairly human.

Gamer134641d ago

All they needed to do is add some more features, this is a rental 100percent.

IM OUT...///"""

Boink4641d ago

I expected more, especially after hear the sony fans up here.

oh well, things to fix for motorstorm 2 i guess.

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