Flying into GDC like a Hawk to War - Warhawk footage

The long-awaited remake to the PlayStation hit takes flight on the PLAYSTATION 3. In Warhawk, players experience the thrill of white-knuckle aerial combat with swarms of enemy fighters, bone-crunching armored assaults and high-intensity infantry combat in a massive, all-out war fought both on the ground and in the skies.

Warhawk delivers high definition warfare and multi-modal combat exclusively through online gaming, allowing players to battle against and alongside the Warhawk online community. Through various gameplay modes such as Team Deathmatch, Territories Mode and Capture the Flag, players engage in cooperative online play or fend for themselves against a barrage of enemies in thrilling combat.

During battle, players can take command of the most advanced war machine in the fleet, the Warhawk, capable of aerobatic dogfights at high speeds or hovering over ground troops providing tactical support. Players continue the battle on foot with an arsenal of weaponry including rifles, flame throwers, grenades and more. Furthermore, players can gain access to an array of ground vehicles and lay waste with powerful weapons mounted on jeeps, tanks and specialty transports.

The stunning graphics and power of PS3 sets the stage for a truly unique Warhawk universe filled with detailed on-screen vehicles and troops, captivating and interactive landscapes, destructible cities, and vibrantly detailed environments.

• Pilot the most advanced Fighter in the Fleet – Fly or hover to engage in intense dogfights with a vast army of enemies, massive flying battleships and enemy ground forces. Player can opt to "steer" the Warhawk in flight using the roll, pitch and yaw motion controls of the SIXAXIS? wireless controller.
• Fight on Foot, in Ground Vehicles, or in the Sky – Next-generation multimodal design throws players into a fun and diverse gameplay experience. Fight in the war as a foot soldier, vehicle driver or ace pilot – whatever you want.
• Play Warhawk Exclusively Online - Players can engage in huge multi-modal online battles. Through various online gameplay modes such as Team Deathmatch, Territories Mode and Capture the Flag, players can engage in team play or fend for themselves against a barrage of online enemies.
• Discover a Vast and Unique World – Highly customizable soldiers representing Eucadian and Chernovan forces must defend their territory against online enemies throughout hundreds of square miles of high-resolution and fully interactive terrain in a world where old and new technologies merge in epic battle.
• Experience an Expansive Online Community – Join teams or maintain clans in the Warhawk online community. Full stats, rankings, leaderboards, badges, awards and more are supported and reward players for success on the battlefield. Players can stay organized online with user-friendly communication tools.
• A Full Arsenal of Weapons – Whether in the air, on the ground or in a combat vehicle, players have an array of weapons at their disposal, including missiles, rockets, sniper riffles, flame throwers and more.
• Powered by PLAYSTATION 3 - The processing power of PS3 enables Warhawk to feature a wide variety of fluidly moving characters and various combat vehicles, all of which realistically interact with their environments, leading to more chaotic and immersive warfare.

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XxZxX4642d ago

this is absoletely sickening.
Downloadable games.. what if it just $20-$30

a must buy.

techie4642d ago

Now this is a legitmate non-flaming question just for information. Can you download games like this on LIVE? Ie. big games...

AllroundGamer4642d ago

heh nice one :) sure you can, but not yet... ;)

techie4642d ago (Edited 4642d ago )

Yuh that's cool. You know I think Sony's little innovations will improve LIVE ie. increase download size etc...especially when the zepher comes out. Also we have seen how much the competition from LIVE has spurred on Sony to catch up. And I expect all the little things to be done very soon as well...not just this HOME thing

Imagine if they didn't fix all this. People would complain and complain and complain and not buy the ps3...we've seen how quickly they can update things and make them better after fans are disappointed (eg. ps2 game quality) so I expect Sony to be taking the reigns very soon (all in time for launch I hope)

GaMr-4642d ago

I went from..

Damnnn its only a download. : (


Apocalypse Shadow4642d ago

as far as i know,microsoft doesn't even have downloads that are the size of tekken5.

they are going to have to have live for free and get rid of the download limit.

sony is just rocking today.

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