PS3: The Next Level - GDC Summary summarize their experience of Phil Harrison's keynote.

Sony hasn't had the easiest ride of late. Giant enemy crabs. Riiiiiidge Racer. The price. The European delay. The backward compatibility issue. Executives saying daft things. It all adds up to massive damage to its reputation.

It seems like Sony's in a bit of a predicament right now, and the next few weeks and months are going to be crucial. Now's the time to show us exactly what the PlayStation 3 can do, and why we ought to hand over £425 for one.

Well, judging by Phil Harrison's GDC keynote, they've got the message. His conference speech begins at 10.30am PST (6.30pm GMT) today, but he delivered a full preview at a special event for selected press last night. There he unveiled a new vision for PlayStation 3 - what Sony's calling 'Game 3.0'.

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Rasputin20114634d ago

Whats the good of unveiling a new version of the PS3 when what they need is a solid game line up, cheaper price, and for god sakes fix the backward compatibility issue?

techie4634d ago

And you don't think they're doing that as well? They can't announce everything today buddy. I believe some games are being shown tomorro. Backwards Compatibility is on the top of their list. They have a whole team working on it in the UK. Just because they've said this doesn't mean there isn't more to come. It's been an hour expect them to release all their big guns in one go? We all know how coy Sony is.

Rasputin20114634d ago

Well what about the price since that is obviously and issue.

techie4634d ago

Well we all know they are working on the hardware to get the price down. Give it time. Once they see that sales drop considerably then the price will drop. That is expect it for christmas...just because they keep denying it doesn't mean it won't happen. I definately expect it to happen in the UK.

Rasputin20114634d ago

I'm not trying to come off being some Anti-Sony fanboy its just I picked up a Xbox360 because of the ridiculous pricing of the PS3 so i'm just not happy camper when it comes to Sony...I feel as though all of the money I have spent of my PS2 and my 32 game library this is the thanks I get when holding out to get a PS3 inorder to get in the next-gen...not happy..not happy at all.

Keyser4634d ago

The dividends are coming Rasputin2011. I have a 360 and it has been very entertaining. I say, when you do get your PS3, it's going to be money well spent to jump back an forth from different consoles playing simply the best they both have. It's worth the price of admission...

Sie4634d ago (Edited 4634d ago )

Thats the biggest reason for me not buying a PS3 at launch, well that and the lack of any decent games that interest me (except motorstorm). No doubt ill buy one eventualy but only when the price drops, it offers me nothing over the 360 atm for games and multiplayer i couldnt care less about the features my PC does all of that better.

Really hope Sony deliver some top games as ive been very dissapointed with the PS3 so far.

btw not slagging the PS3 off im just stating my opinion.

RelloC4634d ago

Sony has rocked an expo or 2 in the past couple years, but.... we still havent seen what was shown. I pray they can trun things around for the industry as a whole, but... fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice....

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The story is too old to be commented.