The Globe and Mail: Killzone 2 Review

The Globe and Mail: Rather than rewriting the first-person-shooter rulebook, Guerrilla Games seems to have settled for simply mastering its existent elements. They've delivered memorable characters, bar-setting graphics, terrific mission design, and satisfying play mechanics. And, in the end, that's all you really need for a great game.

Well, that and maybe a million people battling it out online once they've finished the campaign. Unfortunately, game servers weren't up at the time of writing (a week before release), so I'm unable to provide any discussion regarding Killzone 2's purportedly deep and sophisticated online play.

But that's fine by me. I'm going to use the time before the servers go live to dive back into the story mode and try the hardest setting. There's an enormous Helghast stormtrooper with a portable lightning gun who appears midway through the game that I half-cheated my way around the first time by poking my pistol out from cover and using it to ping him in the helmet until he turned around to reveal his explosive backpack. I suspect he'll use the advanced artificial intelligence made available to him under Elite difficulty to exact revenge. I can't wait.

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