Square Enix: "Final Fantasy XIII Development Going Favorably For 2009 Launch"

Kotaku Writes:

The latest issue of Famitsu reveals more information about the demo. According to an interview with FFXIII director and writer Motomu Toriyama and assistant character designer Nao Ikeda, the game is over an hour, but is structured so that players can play it repeatedly. The demo does not make it up to heroine Lighting meets bandana-wearing Snow Villiers.

When Square Enix announced the delay of Dragon Quest IX, exec Yoichi Wada stated it may effect Final Fantasy XIII. When asked about this, Toriyama replied, "Development is going favorably for a 2009 launch."

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DrWan3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Yoichi Wada stated it may effect Final Fantasy XIII.

Effect is a noun, Affect is the verb

By the way, 2009 in JAPAN, no way it will make it to EU or US.

DJ3524d ago

Let alone majored in Journalism.

chrisnick3524d ago

it won't make it here in 2009 and it'll take even longer because they're gonna have the ps3 version sitting there waiting on the crapped 360 version to come out....they really messed up with the hd dvd thing man.

Foxgod3524d ago

i took college class english, and passed, still n4g ps3 users are calling me stupid.....

could they be biased ?

On topic, yeah, i highly doubt its 2009 for EU as well, SE is known to take ages with localizing their products.

iHEARTboobs3524d ago

"i took college class english, and passed, still n4g ps3 users are calling me stupid...."

I'm pretty sure they think your comments are stupid and not your writing abilities. But I could be wrong.

MasFlowKiller3524d ago

Ur talking about kotaku
college, high skool and middle skool dropouts living in their own little imaginary world, fabricating and posting nonsense.

Kotaku is the worst thing to happen to video games since Jack Thompson

AlternativeChaos3524d ago

no respected gamer ever goes to kotaku

its a Pucking insult to say kotaku is part of the video game media,


360FanLord3524d ago

i actually think they are worst the Jack Thompson

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interrergator3524d ago

if it comes out then its gona be the end of the world this year

ThatCanadianGuy3524d ago

Im curious to see how much it will boost the PS3 sales in Japan.
No doubt it'll overtake the Wii.

..But just how high will the numbers go? It's Going to be interesting!

interrergator3524d ago

no doubt that ps3 is gona sell nuts kuz there crazy rpg fans

TapiocaMilkTea3524d ago

PS3 shortages in Japan anyone?

lordgodalming3524d ago

"I don't care if FFXIII comes out this year or next as long as we keeps on pumping unpopular spinoffs on the DS."

/Yoichi Wada

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MADPIRAHNA3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

I am not buying it anymore. Multi-plat alwyas seems to cheat the PS3 players and square's ego is too big for me anymore. They treated a lot of their fanbase like crap with this huge "no we didnt" delay..

ThatCanadianGuy3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

I have to agree with you there! SE have been utter bastards to PS3 owners.

I don't even plan on buying FFXIII.Ever since i seen awful gameplay bits from that last trailer i've been completely turned off by it. that looks interesting.I like the darker tone of it much more then XIII.

DavidMacDougall3524d ago

FF7, FF8 and FF10 thanks you for the memories, but there is where i stop.

Anon19743524d ago

MADPIRAHNA said "I am not buying it anymore. Multi-plat always seems to cheat the PS3 players."

I strongly disagree with this statement. While porting was an issue back in 2007, even a quick look at reviews posted on metacritic indicate that the vast majority of multi-platform games are identical between systems or the differences are too minor to have any impact. Fans of each system love to throw it in the faces of other console owners when their version of a title turns out "superior", but the reality is these instances are extremely rare these days.

Personally, I buy all my multi-platform games on my PS3 as my 360 is just unreliable and I became fed up with being unable to play the bulk of my library because my console was in for repairs again. I haven't regretted that decision yet. Even the "Orange Box" which was apparently tragically broken on the PS3 when it came out over a year ago reviewed very well and was, quite frankly, freakn awesome! Don't let what's being said in these ridiculous console wars keep you from buying multiplatform titles. I've heard people say that they won't buy Fallout 3 on their PS3, despite the game being patched within a week of release and all the perfect scores it received. It's ridiculous.

dalibor3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Same here, versus for me also & do you know why? Since its exclusive if there is add-on content we won't get a f**k you back since some multiplatform games don't feel like releasing add-on content to certain fanbases... like Fallout 3 or Mirrors Edge for instance. And hopefully SE took advantage of the Ps3 capabilities to make versus that much better. Which I doubt they did.

My friend would buy a Ps3 solely if FF7 was released for the Ps3 like how that tech demo was shown back in 06 I think it was & I would def. get the game myself.

Thats a good point bro, the Ps3 is more reliable, I will be honest I was an early adopter of the Ps3 60 gig(December 06) & it did take a crap on me after 2 1/2 years later got the ylod. I just got my new Ps3 about 3 months ago & is working marvelously(havn't used that word in a long time haha)

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kewlkat0073524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

but looking at history, this is nothing new. It's usually 8-9 months before the rest of the world touches a FF game, after Japanese release.

I'm having a Blast with Star Ocean take your time. Way better than IU.

ThatCanadianGuy3524d ago

Is Star ocean good? im thinking about renting it tonight while i wait for killzone 2 on friday.

Im craving a good RPG fix!

kewlkat0073524d ago

but having played some mediocre jrpgs and some great ones this gen...I def recommend SO4.

You can tell a Tri-Aced developed Jrpg, having played some others and recently Infinite Undiscovery, which had a lousy combat scheme IMO. SO4 does it way better and it's fun Blind-siding enemies and combo chaining.

Again I'm 5 hours, 8% done, Level 13, and 2-party members so there is a lot to do. I've been fighting a lot and still on my first armors and weapons.

The game looks good for a sub-HD game as those are saying. I like the Quick burst button, and the jump button works well when surrounded. Anyhow enjoy. now that I'm playing this game my next jrpg should be WKC, whenever that comes out.

ThatCanadianGuy3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Cool,sounds good.One question tho !

Is there alot of exploring to do? like visiting towns? interacting with A.I? dungeons to explore?

Big open landscapes to wonder around,like oblivion?
Or is it more linear with like..narrow pathes like fable 2?

That's a big factor for me with my RPG's,i like alot of freedom..

solidt123524d ago

Hmmm, I might pick up Star Ocean also. It looks good and if it plays like FF XII im in. I like FFXII and I am now playing Lost Od on the 360.

kewlkat0073524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

I played for like 5 hours and have yet to reached a Town, I've been

I left my spaceship on the first planet and that's where I'm at. SO I have not done much at all to answer those questions. Right now maybe a review guy that has around 30 + hours might be able to answer that in a review or something.

I'll be playing more tonight.

solidt12 - You will love Lost Odyssey when your done, it reminds me of FFX. SO4 can be compared to FFXII but the "Fighting" is way better, but the Party A.I. not as deep as Gambit.

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Zeus Lee3524d ago

2009 launch in Japan,that is.

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