Bit-tech: The Conduit Hands-On Preview

The Wii has an odd relationship with most hardcore gamers; the type of love-to-hate thing that's usually projected at soap stars and reality show winners. Most gamers have one and they'll gladly break the Wii remotes out after a few pints in the pub, but the rest of the time they'll rage against it.

There are very few good games, after all. Boom Blox is great for afternoons with the kids, but what about when you want something more hardcore? That's where Nintendo's deplorably casual console falls down, as even the Zelda game for the platform is about as exciting as picking your nose.

It's around here then that Sega is stepping up to the plate lately, with games like Madworld and House of the Dead: Overkill trying to fill that market with the promise of gore and guns. There's also The Conduit, Sega's attempt to make the FPS format work on the platform.

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N4g_null3524d ago

After playing quake 3 since it's release I could use any console game trying to get controls right. The guy pokes at the art style but seriously I will not care. After years of playing user made content on all PC FPS I can handle pretty much any thing except broken game play. It also seems flanking will be rewarded this time.

Looking good and I believe my DLP will smooth those pixels out any way so no biggie. Hell I wish they had a level editor on Wiiware or some thing! That is the only thing they are missing.

I'm wondering if they know how big this game can be?

FinalomegaS3524d ago

that's a good idea, maybe we can pass that by them for their next project.

mastiffchild3524d ago

Yeah, Also the jaggies may well be polished out by June even for those with less options on their vid output! Interesting that the graphics, lauded everywhere else , are what he picks out as a weakness! I think it looks much better when you see it running-and I saw it first hand last year over in Leipzig so by now it should be even smoother.
You're right too, if the online works and the SP is at least functional this could be a very big phenomenon on the Wii. Think how many people wasted nioghts fighting each other, the fugliness of the game AND crippling lag in MoHH2 MP? There were always loads of people on even six months post launch and the gimped numbers of WaW still have busy, busy servers AND we're told no0body bought that game on Wii!
As this supports M+(when we get it!)and as the controls are fully customisable we might get what we all thought FPS games on Wii would be like originally-cool with controls to match(or nearly anyway) a good mouse and keyboard set up and as everyone will have the same controller on the Wii it'll also be fairer online.
Looks like there will be levels outside but they keep letting the previewers play the same bunker level that I saw and madfe me worry about repetitive level design-so I'm hoping for some recognisable and brighter locations. As he said they mix the shooting and puzzles up well though everything should be ok.
Looking pretty solid, now lets see the White House or somewhere else famous to frag in! Could well be the shooter we always thought we'd get on Wii.

Voiceofreason3524d ago

Yet another bias article written out of ignorance and hate for a console that doesnt carry this persons company name.. Zelda boring? Yeah he isnt much of a gamer. FPS dont work on Wii? Really what about Metroid, Call of Duty, or any of the other FPS that this clown acts like they do not exist.

Then there is attacking a game for graphics which most people praise it for. Great article for trolls but since it isnt written by a gamer no gamer could agree with it.

kwyjibo3524d ago

Bullshit, people have been slagging off the graphics since it was first announced. Sure, it's got great graphics for the Wii, but that's like saying she's the hottest athlete in Olympic weightlifting.

You attack him for being bored of Zelda, claiming that he's obviously not much of a gamer. Well try convincing the guys on Quake Live right now over how exciting Zelda is, are you going to dismiss those guys as casual too?

How many Wii FPS's are there, really? You mention Call of Duty, but that's just a gimped version of the HD consoles. Just Metroid then.

From the videos, it looks like this will be an entertaining game. It's not going to blow anyone away though.

Voiceofreason3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Poor little troll. Wasted your time posting some BS that will change nothing. It doesnt matter what your personal opinion is, a FPS is a FPS regardless of the console. The only one attacking someone is you and you are doing it why? because someone was able to see the flaws in this idiots article and you just couldnt handle it. Again your opinion has no bearing here so keep it to yourself. Cod W2W on Wii is a much better game than you know, especially when between the 2 of us only 1 of us has played it and it is clearly not you.

Take your trolling fanboy stupidy somewhere else away from the gamer zone. Wth kind of point were you even trying to make about asking FPS fans if they like RPG? ASk FF fans how much they love FPS, you'll get the same senseless response that proves nothing.

Your opinion does not equal fact. FPS do not need 100ppl online to be a FPS. ONly an idiot would try to do what you are doing. which means you are one of two things. An idiot or a fanboy. I'll be nice and say fanboy because I dont think anyone can actually be that stupid. \

And one last point for the dumb ass. The game was announced on IGn.. You claim the graphics have been called crap since the say it was announced. Well back that up with a link then. IGN the site that announced it mentioned many times how people thought it was a 360 game and yet here you are clueless as can be telling everyone that isnt how it happened. Well prove it kid or stfu. Also that doesnt mean post a recent article to a game announced over a year ago and act like the current article proves your weak a$$ point

tippygip3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

@ kwyjibo

You know, making assumptions about being blown away is kind of trivial considering none of us has played the retail version yet.

You haven't seen the online, the focus on the all-seeing eye, the story, the movable HUD etc etc. Not to mention the techies who are impressed graphically by a developer pushing a console to it's limits and not how it looks in comparison to other games on different consoles. If all anyone really cared about were the quality of the graphics overall then everyone would only play on a PC, which is on a whole other level graphically.

ChickeyCantor3524d ago

" From the videos, it looks like this will be an entertaining game. It's not going to blow anyone away though.

I thought that was all that mattered =/.

tippygip3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Not at all.

If all that mattered was simple entertainment I would be playing cards with a dollar store deck. A game at least needs to impress me with something if a company wants my money.

Not to mention I was simply calling him when he obviously has no clue whether it will blow anyone away.

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Myst3524d ago

Sega has been doing a good job as of late with new and interesting ideas to bring into the gaming world. This guy has his gripes, but it's his opinion I suppose and after playing on a more expensive and higher defined console no one can blame him so :). Though I still love the Wii and this game looks interesting, something to hold me off until Monster Hunter Tri~ reaches the states, or perhaps until I import it :).

It may not look as flashy as some of the other games on the 360 or PS3, but the most important aspect is that Sega has tried to push the console to it's limit, and tried not to make it the usual move arm here, move arm there to much to do something :). And if people don't like this game they can also look to MadWorld instead :).

FinalomegaS3524d ago

Let's at least say HVS & Sega, those boys over there deserve credit:)

condorstrike3524d ago

Bittech should stick to pc stuff and not review consoles, specially the wii since they're so biased and always find something wrong with it's games, regardless of how good they are.

Alright we know the Wii is not a graphics powerhouse and that it doesn't do true HD but ranking on The Conduit's graphics is just poking fun at the system since it's probably the best looking game we've had since Metroid and Galaxy, instead of acknowledging what the developers have been able to do that, since others don't even try.

Of course the closer we get to release the more we're going to see negative and biased reviews, I say this is a game that hardcore players are the ones that are going to make it epic or fail, I for one will get it as I know many others will, and not go by reviews of the same level shown since last year as mastiffchild stated above.

Thank You Sega for publishing Hardcore instead of trying to cash-in on little Johny and grandpa Tom...LOL and yoga/tree hugging Lucy...LOL.

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