Relationship Lessons from Valve

In the floundering economy, where layoffs and budget cuts are a stone's throw away, eyes hungry for guidance are turning to symbols of success. Gabe Newell of Valve Software is one such guru of the videogame industry, who's business philosophy has garnered the company high profits and a whole lot of attention. With frequent game updates, thorough play testing, active community support, and a game-downloading service that seems to appease both sides of the DRM war, Valve has managed to earn the almost universal respect of gamers, critics, and industry insiders. Thus, when Gabe Newell addressed the audience of the DICE Summit in Las Vegas this past weekend during his keynote speech, everyone was paying close attention.

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italianbreadman3527d ago

Excellent article. Ya gotta love Valve for their business model and the way they've influenced the industry.....and will continue to do so.

Mikerra173527d ago

but I think they could still work on games for the ps3 it would benifit them even more

italianbreadman3526d ago

Yeah, I agree. However, you do have to consider manpower when adding a new platform to the developer's repertoire. They wouldn't keep up exactly the same standard of quality and expediency as-is, without first expanding their staff to accommodate the extra effort of working on a new console.

1ikedamaster3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

What impresses me about Valve is the work they do for consoles(360 in this case).

For someone who has a highend rig that can run the original Crysis @40fps with settings turned up to 20, I know what to expect from a PC.

I'm impressed with how well the orange box runs on 360. I still play TF2. Heck, I still can't get over Alyx's facial expressions (unmatched till this day).

Keep in mind I owned Half Life 2 for PC the day it dropped. I also had HL2 for the original xbox. Orange box more than delivered for 360. Half Life 2 Episode 1/2, portal...need I say more?

forthegamergood3527d ago

Valve are rapidly becoming one of the pillars of the gaming industry. Not only have they pioneered one of the best, well, the best, digital distribution platform availible on the internet, they've created hit after hit and still retain a flexible development environment, never tying someone to one role within the company.

I don't think they'll go anywhere but up, to be honest.

But seriously, fat people jokes =/= racist. Learn your terms, libel is not your friend.

italianbreadman3527d ago

For real. They are one company that is defined by success after success.

deividpaulo3527d ago

What is Valve?? It's nothing in the VG Business...Valve is just another Microsoft's PUPPET...

at least they can't make good games, only "game for windows"..auehaeuihaeua

Leathersoup3526d ago

You have no idea what you're talking about. Valve is not affiliated with Microsoft other than publishing their content for Windows and Xbox. The fact that Microsoft is trying to create a service like Steam should be proof enough of that. They'll most likely fail due to Microsoft's desire to charge people for things that they can get elsewhere for free.

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