PS3Blog Killzone 2: The Review

Wow, where do we begin? This game has been in the news for as long as it has been in development, give or take a few, be it good news or bad news. Ever since that first E3 trailer way back when, people have believed and people have said it was an impossible task. Well Killzone 2 will change every one into believers, I guarantee...

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PS3Blog3549d ago

Apologies Ashton!!! Totally didn't see that! Mod's can you edit or change pls.

jammy_703549d ago

this on metacritic? hope it is!!!

Mikerra173549d ago

Im sick of all the 7s aloud in

PS3Blog3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Sorry you feel that way, I'm sure you didn't take into account the amount of work we do on but hey each to their own. Tool

SL1M DADDY3549d ago

I suspect you feel the same way across all three consoles?

PotNoodle3549d ago

Yeah SL1M Daddy, a PS3 blog should not be reviewing PS3 games and should be reviewing xbox 360 games!

SL1M DADDY3549d ago

Why one would be speculative about a PS Blog posting PS3 game reviews but if one is speculative of that then should be speculative of Xbox Blogs and their review of Xbox games. I for one could care less since in the last few weeks, when it comes to Killzone we have seen even some of the more stout Xbox blogs talk highly of Killzone 2.

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onomix3549d ago

All the PS3 magazine is giving it a 10/10, almost all of them. This game deserves 6/10 in my book. This game could easily get 8/10 in my book, if it did not get hyped so much.

Pennywise3549d ago

His book is Shane Kim's diary.

Dear Diary, I am feeling insecure this week. Killzone 2 is going to embarrass our beloved 360 and I dont know what to do. Send out emails to all LIVE subscribers to downplay this game and hire some employees to infiltrate N4G is the best I can come up with. Also, we are going to cut the COD map pack price in half and try to buy some more DLC. I'm scared.

dustgavin3549d ago

Lol! That definitely put a smile on my face. Nice one!

PS3Blog3549d ago

Shot Ashton. Yeah luvin KZ2, cant wait for the worldwide release and play everyone multiplayer!

onomix3549d ago

I'm not a Xbot, if you are thinking that. I have a PS3 also.

Pennywise3549d ago

Oh so that must mean your opinion isnt a flaming pile of crap. Forgive me for thinking that, I didnt know you owned a PS3.

Ashton3549d ago

funny thing is that the guy doesn't even know the game isn't out yet.the shane kim's diaries have confused this poor xbot

Jerk1203549d ago

Looks to me like Ashton and Penny have something intimate going on.

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The story is too old to be commented.