Ex-Obsidian's CV confirms Aliens RPG project has been 'cancelled'

The rumoured canning of SEGA's Aliens RPG over at Obsidian Entertainment is now given some unfortunate concrete proof that it is canned.

An ex-designer who worked at the development studio has revealed in his online CV that he was attached to a now "canceled third-person action Aliens RPG" for next-gen and PC.

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JamieReleases3524d ago

Damn, was looking forward to this game :(

ThanatosDMC3524d ago

I'd rather have Alien vs Predator 2 with updated graphics... That game is one of the best multiplayer games i've played on my PC.

DelbertGrady3524d ago

Stupid Sega. They should have canned that Sonic game for the Wii instead. In fact, they should have canned all of the Sonic games since Sonic Adventure on the DC.


totally agree..

is it just me or are the developers getting more and more out of touch with what games we want from them ? could it be the slow influence of the casual crowed.

they make crap games that don't sell, then wonder why they don't sell.. so they cancel a game with good potential, so they can make more sequels to the crap game.

i guess i am missing something here. shame.

Snoogins3524d ago

They've released so few quality titles in recent years, such as Valkyria Chronicles, the Phantasy Star games, Virtua Fighter 4 and recently Yakuza 3 while the rest of them, especially anything with Sonic slapped on it, have been mediocre games that can't sell. Why they'd cancel an Obsidian project (consider them the Tony Scott to BioWare's Ridley Scott) yet keep those godawful games is beyond me. At least they've the good sense to publish titles for Platinum Games, Inc. as Shinji Mikami, Kamiya, Ueda and the rest of the ex-Clover gang will not let them or us gamers down.

Jdoki3524d ago

That's bad news. Disappointed.

With the right marketing and hype, I could see an Aliens RPG selling Mass Effect numbers - especially as a multi-plat on 360, PS3 and PC.

sam22363524d ago

Aww, no!! :(

I hope Colonial Marines is still in development, though. Haven't heard a thing about that game in a while.

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