Blizzard Shuns Original StarCraft Voice Actors

StarcraftWire and BlizzPlanet, two Blizzard and StarCraft fansites, have followed the development on which artists will be featuring in StarCraft II, and after much ado, it's now confirmed that neither Glynnis Talken or Robert Clotworthy will be voicing the famous Kerrigan, Queen of Blades and Jim Raynor. Many fans are upset, and when Blizzard were still auditioning, community members where trying to petition Blizzard into keeping the original actors.

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Cogo3524d ago

Yep, it's a short way of saying it :(

Tempist3523d ago


Did they ask too much to do the rolls? There is absolutely no reason for this, but reason enough no to bother with a game that's taken nearly a decade (or is it more) to be released.

A shame and an upset Blizzard.

SCFreelancer3523d ago

I am sorry to see them go. If this is going to be a good choice or not depends on what we get in return.

FarEastOrient3523d ago

Yeah that's just like Snake not being voiced by David Hayter.

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AndyA3524d ago

No way! Some of the community will be up in arms.

Leord3524d ago

Well, lots of people are discontented, but none are really up in arms, which is sad. The thing is, the previously mentioned petition could have had a lot better response over all, and it didn't, even if lots of members did join in the discussions JUST for that reason, it was apparently not enough.

IT needs to be something "fantastic" like the colour controversy on D3 to get people riled up, and even then you only get the twats!

Maticus3524d ago

Yup, they are already. Blizzard fans are a bad lot to p*ss off :(

Cogo3523d ago

I'm actually pretty convinced nothing will happen. People don't realize what they have or haven't done until it's too late. At this stage it's definitely too late to complain, as teh actors are set, and they are NOT the originals :(

Leord3523d ago

@ Cogo

You are probably right, and it makes me sad =(

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Maticus3524d ago

That's actually very bad news. I can't imagine why Blizzard would do this, maybe the actors didn't want to return, but I can't see why.

Leord3524d ago

Metzen talked about this. He wanted someone "better" even for SC1, but they did not have the cash,so they will get one now. However, I do think that coherence is better than the single creative vision years past. I mean it's more ingrained in the fans now than anything. There is no need to remove the voices we recognize!

Cogo3523d ago

The article even said the actors wanted to return...

Fyzzu3524d ago

Bah, shame. Oh well. From memory it's not like Arthas has remained consistent; I'm sure they'll find fitting voice actors.

Cogo3523d ago

It has indeed been consistent since Warcraft 3. I suppose Metzen got his fav voice back then, as they had more cash, and since that time, they just found it good to hire him again. I think what they miss on is that people STILL play SC1. It's not like we forgot the voices, and they were so ingrained in our heads anyway from prolonged playing, so this whole thing is silly.

thetamer3524d ago

Well, I don't blame Blizzard. If these actors are old and having cracking and croaky voices, it might not sit well with the game. And let's face it, who wants senile actors that can't remember lines? Not me, that's for sure.

Maticus3523d ago

They're not old lol, the voices have become almost cult-like now. They should've kept them.

SCFreelancer3523d ago

@Maticus: I agree that it would have been nice when looking at their cult status. But don't forget that we don't know anything about their replacements thusfar. They might actually be better ;)

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