WoW: Dual Spec First Glimpse has been checking out all the changes in World of Warcraft patch 3.1 which is currently on the test realms, and has tried out the new Dual Spec system first hand.

Players will now be able to pay a one-off fee of 1000 Gold, not a sum to be sniffed at but something that most level 80 players could earn of a few days, and enable a second talent spec to use when needed.

The overview of the new system includes a video of the process along with step-by-step screen shots.

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Leord3522d ago

Awesome, *dusting off wow subscription*

Fyzzu3522d ago

I've been wondering just how this would work. Cool.

Leord3522d ago

Yeah, I wonder if there might be additional means of talent specs later on for exponentially more gold o.O

And YEY, I got my 7th bubble back! =)

Maticus3522d ago

Grats on the bubble, how did you lose it? Anyway, the video shows it all, pretty awesome if you ask me.

Leord3522d ago

I was trying to be funny in that Islamic RTS game news item ages past. People have no sense of humour, and I was not racist!

Anyway, I do agree, and 1000 gold is a small price to pay!

Dorjan3522d ago

Thanks for the guide! That clears that up!

Maticus3522d ago

Blizzard are making some massive changes to WoW with this patch. It must be once of the biggest patches ever.

Leord3522d ago

Hehe, probably why it's so LATE then =P

Maticus3522d ago

It's not late at all...

Leord3522d ago

What do you mean? I thought there had been no content patch since the expansion?! That was AGES ago! Almost 5 months!

thetamer3522d ago

Yeah, that's all fair and good, but when are they going to make it look prettier? That's what I want to know.

Maticus3522d ago

Every new zone looks better, but I agree, the characters need a major overhaul.

AndyA3522d ago

It is starting to look a little dated, but it's undoubtedly unique.

Leord3522d ago

New textures would indeed be a good thing here! They did show it in Northrend, so why not upgrade a bit more indiscriminately?

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