British Olympian uses Street Fighter IV to hone skills

Gamezine: "One of Britain's Olympians is now using Street Fighter IV as part of his training. He has full backing from sports psychologists.

Sportsmen are hard at work training for the London 2012 Olympics and to best our 2008 medal performance, one of Britain's Gold hopes has included a video game in his daily training.

Tyrone Robinson, a British International Championship Gold Medallist and a European Championship Bronze Medallist in Taekwondo, has turned to the classic beat 'em Street Fighter IV.

Now a best-seller, the game has been entertaining gamers around the world, even breaking world records, but now it's being tasked with training a potential Olympic Gold medallist..."

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table3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

remember david james got dropped at liverpool because he spent too much time playing computer games and it showed on the pitch with his lack of concentration... and still does. Trying street fighter moves in the ring will get your leg broken.

Games don't aid athletes...

techie3525d ago

Course they do. They can aid with hand eye coordination. They help lots of people. I can see how this would help with reflexes etc. Not sure if it's directly correlatory with Taekwando though.

Just looks like this kinds likes playing games and needs an excuse to do so during training :P

Raf1k13525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

thats just it, they 'can' aid with coordination not that they definitely do.

imo tho, twiddling your thumb and pressing the right buttons at the right time doesnt help much with the coordination required for the rest of ur arm

plus, since it mentions 'sports psychologists' im assuming it has more to do with him mentally than physically

bloop3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Lewis Hamilton played F1 games on the PS2 in his first season because he hadn't raced on many of the tracks at the time. It worked for him :) but that's the only circumstance I think games could be possibly used for "training". I can't see this guy being helped by playing SF IV. Maybe Tekken could, considering Hwoarang and Baek are Taekwondo masters :-P

bassturd3525d ago

So he plans on fighting a lot of Kens spamming fire uppercuts in real life ehhhh?

Ryudo3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Its clearly a publicity stunt so if he does any good at the Olympics (playing computer games makes it unlikely) everyone will call him street fighter guy. Ether that or he's getting a break from his completely retarded couch.

Enigma_20993525d ago

... that's a mighty elaborate excuse you got for playing games there, son...

1111113525d ago

Street fighter and taekwondo have nothing in common. I did both for years, tournament level. Street fighter and chess, ok...

Senden3525d ago

There is a LOT of benefits from SF for a TKD guy.. the amount of elements that come into play would be extremely beneficial infact. Learning how to impose your game on someone, keeping calm under pressure.. I could go on. Still, i'd say this is nothing but an excuse for him to game lol.

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