1UP Yours - Special Phil Edition

GDC 2007 got up to full speed on Tuesday, and the 1Up Yours crew rode the crest of the wave. Sony gave the press a preview of its announcements including Home, Little Big World, and initiatives to help developers get the most out of PS3. 1up got plenty of first impressions of what could be the next step forward in online gaming. Garnett, John, Luke, and Shane also took in a day's worth of Microsoft games including an in-game demo of Mass Effect led by the Doctors themselves. You read right -- Microsoft pushing RPGs and Sony leading an online charge.

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Rasputin20114269d ago

My Main man Phil here doesn't seem to know his head from his @$$ lately.

calderra4269d ago

"Microsoft pushing RPGs and Sony leading an online charge."

Sums up GDC so far nicely. And how odd it is. Microsoft walking away from a show taking away the RPG crown while Sony hopes to astound with new online services? Has the development community gone back in time a generation and swapped places?

Good to see each company rounding out though- MS finally fills in a weak aspect of the game libray, Sony fills in services.

Now if only Wii would demo more solid, well-rounded singleplayer experiences that aren't just ports with odd uses of the Wiimote, (*cough* and online play *cough*) we'd all be set.