First details of PS3 exclusive MAG to hit next month

Earlier today, popular gaming magazine GamePro revealed their cover for April 2009. The April issue features the worldwide premiere of the G.I. Joe game, hitting just about every platform since the Atari Jaguar. PS3 enthusiasts may have something more to look forward to, though. The cover also promises some new info on MAG and Uncharted 2 as well.

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xg-ei8ht3520d ago

Mag better be a FPS. And not a TPS.

TOO PAWNED3520d ago

confirmed TPS and THANK GOD for that. Because we really need another FPS

andyo133520d ago

and also aktion

but mostly massive

Fishy Fingers3520d ago

Can I get a link to where they confirm TPS or FPS please? I thought it was still unconfirmed.

Bloodwar3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

Heck yeah. I picked up my PS3 the other day and Uncharted came with it. The levels in the game are beautiful and absolutely huge. It controls better than Lara Croft's games... but Drake is not as pleasing to the eyes unless you are a female gamer or gay. I do see that we can unlock skins, such as Elena's. Thats pretty cool. I am assuming that after unlocking the skins, we can play through the game again using these other character skins. I look forwards to part 2.
And MAG. That game is going to kick some A, I am sure.

Dimitri3520d ago

Yea man, it better be a FPS.
SOCOM sucks for me.

Chris3993520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

In all honesty the market is DROWNING in shooters. A TPS would be a nice change of pace.

An adventure (ala Drake's) or RPG game (Western or Eastern) would be better.

P.S. See thread #4 for some interesting chatter on MAG. Would be cool if any of that came to pass.

SuperM3520d ago

Well i honestly hope its a TPS. Because FPS with a controller sort of sucks. For some wierd reason i find TPS to fit alot better with a controller then FPS.

Panthers3520d ago

TPS>FPS. The reason is that you can be more tactical. You can see what parts of your body are sticking out and how well you are hidden. You can also see whats around you better so you dont run into things.

Mainman3520d ago

Please, dont make it an FPS. There are enough FPS's.

ThanatosDMC3520d ago

Imagine Warhawk 2 with 100+ players. If they manage to do 256 players with quality lagless good graphics... then wouldnt it be possible for Warhawk 2 to do the same?

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Gambit073520d ago

I don't think even The Shadow knows what MAG will be like.

ThatCanadianGuy3520d ago

Good news! Can't wait.Been curious to know how their going to manage 256 player in one game.

PirateThom3520d ago

It's going to be six man squads, correct?

I hope they keep it more tactical and don't just have an all out shooter fest. Although there's 256 people on one map, the actual fights will obviously be smaller when squad objectives come into play. One squad is defending an object, your squad has to capture that objective, for example.

Fishy Fingers3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

8 man squads.

But there is also a in depth chain of command, so I guess as you rank up you'll have the option to "command" different squads to different activities. Hopefully the new information sheds some light on just how this works.

Essentially, with enough experience and a high enough rank you could in theory be in charge of orchestrating 128 people.

ThatCanadianGuy3520d ago

Command squads? Wow! Hope that's true.Would be an awesome new addition to the genre.

Like say,for example,you reach General rank and instead of fighting in the battle you have the option to stay at a special screen and view the whole battle,direct air strikes,give commands to your assigned squad,designate places for reinforcements to go etc.

Man..a game like that would be incredible.

Fishy Fingers3520d ago

Dude, I think that's pretty much how it'll be.

PirateThom3520d ago

Ah, 8 man, cool, even better!

Maybe it's all a big con to get us to play and then join the army to rank up to general... :P

thor3520d ago

You've never played Battlefield then? I've only played 2142, but it had a chain of command like you're describing. It's a pretty awesome game - but I hear Battlefield 2 is better so you might want to look into it. Not 256 players, but 64 is still quite a large number.

SuperM3520d ago

I have a feeling this game is going to wicked. It definately has the potential to become very popular. 256 players on a server at the same time. Thats almost MMO scale. And with battlefield like gameplay and with chain of commands this could be the new big thing in the large scale shooting genre(if i may call it that)

TheHater3520d ago

Battlefield 2 is the best out of the series by a long shot. I use to play it online and it was amazing to tell you the least.

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Traveler3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

I've been looking forward to some info on MAG.

And Uncharted 2?...well, I always welcome more info on Uncharted 2. Probably my most anticipated game this year, along with Killzone 2.

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