IGN: Resistance: Retribution Multiplayer Hands-on

IGN writes: "Hey, PSP owner. How are you? Usually, you and I get along just fine, but today I have something to say -- why the hell didn't you play Syphon Filter: Combat Ops? A multiplayer-only title that pioneered infrastructure-based shooting on the PSP, Combat Ops came out from Sony Bend, got an Editor's Choice from yours truly, and quickly faded into obscurity. Don't you like third-person shooters? Don't you like third-person shooters online? It's almost like you need a bankable franchise to pop up on the system and show you that Sony's portable can kick ass online.

Well, Sony Bend is back, Resistance: Retribution kicks ass online and you are dumb if you don't play infrastructure and ad-hoc when this game comes out."

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