Sony Remains Firm: "Definitely No PS3 Price Drop" Planned

PSXExtreme: "We have to make this unfortunate clarification again, because we're already starting to see questions in our inbox based on recent news that a PlayStation 3 price drop may be closer than expected.

The most recent evidence comes from Janco Partners' analyst Mike Hickey, who said a $299 PS3 price tag could be included in a big Sony announcement a few days from now. In the note, shown by"

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she00win993520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

if sony says they will have a price drop then people will not buy ps3 now, and wait for the price drop...

Arsenal4Ever3520d ago

Sony is basically saying that there is a price drop planned. Business tactics only annoucne a price drop when its occuring that same weekend.

Real Gambler3520d ago

So basically, when there will be a price drop, we will know when it will happen.

Those rumors always start before a big game come out, or before Christmas. The timing is so perfect that they really look like false rumors, made to slow down PS3 sales. Same thing happened with Little Big Planet. You get tons of messages saying a game could be a console sellers, then sure enough, not long after, you will get the rumors starting off that the PS3 price will go down.

So, sorry, but I will never trust any rumors coming from a guy who has a cat who did talk to the neighbour's dog, who spilled the bean on the net about a price cut.

Price cut just happen. Sure every now and then, an analyst will get it right. But for 1 analyst who get it right, there's 9 that were totally wrong. So don't give credit to any price cut rumors. There's not one company in the world that would let something like that leak months or even a few weeks ahead.