GI.Biz Interview: EA's Glen Schofield

GI.Biz writes: "Just under two months in, and 2009 has been a year to forget so far for EA and its employees. The world has tumbled into recession at a bad time for a publisher in the process of transforming its portfolio with a heavy emphasis on new IP, with titles like Dead Space and Mirror's Edge falling well short of expectations, despite widespread critical acclaim. But the number that's caused the most pain, and generated the loudest headlines, is the 1,100 redundancies announced off the back of a massive USD 641 million loss for its third quarter.

Glen Schofield is general manager of EA Redwood Shores in California, the studio behind Dead Space, the forthcoming Godfather II, and Dante's Inferno, a big budget, God of War-style action title due in 2010 and shown off to the press for the first time at an event held last month in Florence, the birthplace of the poem's author. sat down with Schofield in Italy to find out his views on why Dead Space underperformed, the lessons learned, and why the recession might finally force the industry into a sea-change on release dates."

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