GDC 07: Killzone Debuts in July

As a "special thanks" for the media that attended his pre-GDC conference last night, Sony Computer Entertainment's President of Worldwide Studios, Phil Harrison unveiled the first in-game footage of Killzone ever seen.

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zonetrooper54340d ago

I really can't wait, E3 this July will be the first time we see some ingame footage, though, its more of a tech demo.

gogators4340d ago

I am glad that E3 still exists. I've been a fan since I first was going to it when it was held in Chicago many years ago. There always seemed to be the most important new and information coming out of E3.

Rasputin20114340d ago

if Killzone doesn't bring its "A game" to E3 then it will be left in the dust behind Gears & Halo

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