PSX Extreme: Dante's Inferno Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "Most people haven't read Dante Alighieri's "The Divine Comedy," and although we're often too quick to condemn the American public for a depressing lack of literary comprehension and ability, we have to remember that this Italian masterpiece essentially defined the term, "classic." There are scholars that spend much of their lives studying Dante; this is a testament to the novel's depth and unbelievably intricate philosophical and religious fantasy. At its core and explained in the simplest terms, the book follows Dante and his trip through Hell (Inferno), Purgatory and Heaven, all in search of his perfect woman, Beatrice. It is a legendary adventure and believe it or not, this one novel is at least partially responsible for providing many citizens of the world with their notions of the afterlife. Therefore, it seems somewhat strange that EA would set out to make a video game based on "The Divine Comedy," but at the very least, it's a very ambitious undertaking. And we won't find fault in ambition."

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