Press Release: PlayStation®Network Exceed 20 Million Members Worldwide

DLB-Network writes:

Sony's PlayStation 3 has been going for 2 Years and 3 Months and has already reached a milestone of 20 Million PlayStation Network accounts.

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andyo133575d ago

considering microsofts thing counts the people online with the original xbox as well i'd say its doing mighty fine

BaSeBaLlKiD7213575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

do they also count silver memberships too??

if so then xbox fanboys cant really say anything about PS3 owners having more than PSN accounts because people can have more silver accounts... i personally have 3 different gamertags- 1 gold and 2 silvers

SasanovaS7773575d ago

having more then 1 account is for both sides, 360 and ps3...and both companies count this so...all fair game baby

SasanovaS7773575d ago

btw, welcome to the console of the future.

N4PS3G3575d ago

yes micorsoft counts silver...but the difference here is that 56% of live members pay for Gold..and that PSN accounts are all free and counted all together between 21 millions ps3's ,50+ millions psp's and their website accounts.

HarukoHex3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

XBL isn't doing to bad for a paid service, but with psn you can make as many accounts as you have emails, if you want to give me a disagree go look in home and see all the accounts with 0 trophies.

ahh i see disagrees, we have ps3 owners on this site who don't own a ps3 obviously.

for the disagrees.

look all I'm trying to say is the numbers could be inflated a bit, cause that's rather close to total systems sold

Expy3575d ago

Don't forget the accounts created because of dead 360's and inability to transfer data initially.

Cyrus3653575d ago

No doubt impressive, and yes Micrsoft when talking about x-box live accounts includes both silver and gold memberships, so it is indeed very nice.

ThatCanadianGuy3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Damn..wrong i have to think of something relevant to say..

Yeah! PSN for the win !

barom3575d ago

Don't forget the Games for Windows Live memberships. All five of them.

Sarcasm3575d ago

Unfortunately Sony could have 50 million PSN registered accounts and they still won't be making the millions of XBL yearly fee's.

I'd expect XBL members to be around 14 million +

14 million * 50 = a buttload of money for MS

Kushan3575d ago

"Don't forget the accounts created because of dead 360's and inability to transfer data initially. "

Errrrm...I am not trolling, but I'm guessing you don't own a 360? The Hard Drive can detach from the console easily and plugged into a completely different 360, complete with all of the data (including gamertags). It doesn't matter if the original 360 died, your gamertag was never ever lost. The only problem was to do with DRM issues with your DLC.
Even if, for some reason, you couldn't use the same hard drive, you could always "recover" a gamertag onto a new system, you just didn't get your save and game data.

Le Idiotce3575d ago

You may have multiple accounts, but you only have 1 IP address. They link IP addresses with the accounts. Accounts with the same IP addresses are counted only once, so you are a fool if you believe these numbers include multiple accounts.
Whats there not to believe? PSN is free and everyone who buys a PS3 will sign up for it because of that.
No profit? They made 1 million dollar profit on the first day HOME was released. PSN is going to crush XBOX LIVE like a giant stepping on a cokcroach.

Traveler3575d ago

Well, I have three LIVE accounts and three PSN accounts, so if they are all being counted at least they are on equal footing. PSN is an awesome service and I really enjoy that I don't have to deal with the hassle and expense of paying for it.

lalalala3575d ago

@kushan - I think he is talking about when you want to upragde HDD, it was hard to transfer data from HDD to the other.

20 Million is a pretty big milstone, especially considering only a month ago they said it was 17 million! But yeah multiple accounts are most likely the reason, I myself have 4 accounts Japanese, US, UK and Australian.

Kushan3575d ago


It was never hard to upgrade to a new Hard drive, when MS released the elite and 120Gb HDDs, they also released a transfer cable. I believe the cable came with the standalone HDD and if you bought an elite, you could phone up MS to get one for free.

Death3575d ago

"No profit? They made 1 million dollar profit on the first day HOME was released. PSN is going to crush XBOX LIVE like a giant stepping on a cokcroach"

Yes, people spent 1 million on a beta. That has to be a record. According to this article Xbox Live has generated over 1 billion since it came out. According to this data, if 10 million people are gold subscribers that means Xbox Live is now generating 476 million annually or 1.3 million daily. Keep in mind that is not counting DLC of any kind.


SL1M DADDY3575d ago

More and more like the fankids whipping out their e-pene's and comparing who's is bigger than the other's...

Look kids, this is not a big deal for us gamers but rather great news for companies that want to put their games on the network. If I was a publisher and saw that the PSN had 20 million prospective buyers of my game then it would be what I would consider a win for both Sony and the publisher in terms of sales.

Let's not get our fankiddie panties in a bunch over this stuff. Play games and leave the numbers to the corporates.

gameplayer3574d ago

You guys seem to all be talking like psn members are all ps3 owners... you do realize that you don't even need to own a playstation product to create a psn account right?

go ahead, sign up whenever you like. Ownership of a ps1, ps2, ps3 or psp is not required.

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BaSeBaLlKiD7213575d ago

damn... didnt they just announce that there were 17 million PSN users couple weeks back?? 3 million increase is amazing in short amount of time

20 million PSN accounts vs. 17 million XBL accounts

DJ3575d ago

Allowing PSP owners to connect to PSN (as well as use their existing PSN IDs established on PS3s) was definitely a smart move. If they push hard enough, I'm sure they'll have 30 million PSN members by the end of this year.

DelbertGrady3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

They count multiple accounts, and these are for PS3 and PSP. 20 million out of a 70 million install base. Most PS3 users have different accounts for different games. And the accounts are free to create and use.

17 out of 28 million 360 owners have silver accounts. These are unique and tied to your gamertag. 9.5 million out of those are gold (the ones you pay for).

17 out of 28 million leaves a much higher percentage. Even 9.5 out of 28 leaves a higher percentage than 20 out of 70.

*edit* @TOSgamer - thx for the heads up.

TOSgamer3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

@2.2 read your own link again carefully.

"Though it would not confirm exact numbers, Microsoft did state that the majority of its 17 million current Xbox Live members do have Gold accounts. Assuming last year's percentage has held steady, that's $50 a year from 9.5 million users. No matter how you slice it, that's a lot of teabagging."

17 million xbox live total members. 9.5m to 10m that pay for gold. BTW original xbox + xbox 360 = 52 million owners that could have signed up for Live.

Also MS counts multiple accounts as well. And some people do create multiple accounts just to get the 1 free month of Live Gold that comes with it. MS allows up to 3 accounts on the same console that can qualify for the free month of Live Gold. I think its fair to say both sides spin their number into the best light.

iHEARTboobs3575d ago

More people to own......or get owned by. I just bought SFIV and i'll be online trying to whoop ass with my new Hori stick. Sadly though, I predict i'll be on the receiving end of a few beat downs at first.

Arnon3574d ago

"BTW original xbox + xbox 360 = 52 million owners that could have signed up for Live."

LOL. They're the same whether they're on the Xbox or the Xbox 360. That's why LIVE is so unified, and that's how I transferred by original Xbox account to my 360.

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Timberland2K93575d ago

I know someone is gonna have a comment about how many accounts they have on the psn. If they were smart enough to think before they posted it they would know that alot of people have multiple accounts on Xbox live so sony is doing damn good. Plus they have all the psps out there to have people purchase games off the psn store

cryymoar3575d ago

this is great news, that's almost 1 account per PS3. Of course we all know even PSP owners can get a PSN account too, but 20 Million is a big number regardless :)

Helghast Slayer3575d ago

Yes it's a wonderful milestone for the ps3 and Sony indeed. I'm just happy there's plenty of people on the Playstation Network for me to destroy tomorrow when i pick up Killzone 2 here in Australia lol.

Man i wish i could go to the midnight launch but i have to go to college 8:00AM sharp. The day will go extremely slow for me tomorrow just thinking about it finally being in my hands.

Timberland2K93575d ago

You helgast scum you live in Australia Ahhhhhh i want KZ2 now lol


Helghast Slayer3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

That's Mr. Helghast scum mate. Yeah i live in Australia and it's actually releasing midnight tonight but i won't be able to make it there. It's currently 7:30PM so not long now.

Remember my name because i'll be destroying every single one of you Vekta scums. Your efforts to invade my planet will prove futile, and i shall reward my fallen ancestors with your blood.


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jams_shop3575d ago

WOW that's a BIG number

us_army3575d ago

Who are you telling, that number went up fast.

N4PS3G3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

wonder why everyone is so damn impressed ..taking into consideration that this counts 71 million consoles (ps3=21.3m+ psp=50m) and sony's website accounts

71 millions consoles + Website accounts + Every account is Free = 20 millions PSN accounts

do not take it out of context ..great achievement for them anyways!

TOSgamer3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Microsoft allows people to sign up for a Live account on the PC as well.

But 20 million in 2 years plus change is impressive no matter how you slice it.

Edit: Uh yeah, you kinda were in your first post 1.4. You were comparing it to Xbox Live. So lets just say I was responding to your first post. BTW if you really wanna get technical anyone with an original Xbox could have signed up for Live. So its 24m xboxes + 28m 360s = 52 million consoles over 5 years.

N4PS3G3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

You are right ..but I'm not talking about the 360 right now ... I just think that 20m free accounts from 71 millions consoles+website is good but nothing out of this world like some people think..thats it..great achievement anywas!

silverchode3575d ago

do most people with a psp actually have a psn account?

Microsoft Xbox 3603575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

PSP owners may be existing PS3 owners who used their existing accounts. Not only that but, PSN on the PSP is still fairly new so you can't take into account 40 million PSP's just yet.

BTW what do mean website accounts? If you are talking about Sony's official site and forum, it does not count. The PSN userbase is separate until the user plans to merge accounts.

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