Meet your enemy: Total breakdown of all Killzone 2 enemies w/images

Total breakdown of all Killzone 2 enemies ratings,threat etc…

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ThatCanadianGuy3525d ago

Wow i didn't know there was such diversity in the enemies.
Good to know ! Was the only thing i was worried about..killing the same guy's over & over again.

And colonel Radec looks like a pure badass.

Kouppa3525d ago

Yeah, the colonel is no joke

Kouppa3525d ago

Yeah killzone 2 has a very diverse group of enemies

Kouppa3525d ago

No enemy seems overwhelming so I like that

Fishy Fingers3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Is "...Shock Trooper" a real piece of terminology or something? Seems odd both KZ and Halo:ODST use it.

Nice variety though, I love the "heavies". Hell, I just love the Helghast.

Fishy Fingers3525d ago

Ah, cheers. Interesting.

So it originates from a German (Nazi) term, very fitting for the Helghast then.