Game Positive: Street Fighter IV Review

When all is said and done, Street Fighter IV establishes itself as an excellent example of what a high-quality 2D fighter is capable of. With a wide array of gameplay modes, solid online multiplayer, superb production values, and a balanced character roster, the game excels in every area that a brawler should. On the other hand, there's not much here that pushes the genre forward, and while the fighting may appear newbie-friendly, there's a significant time investment required to fully grasp the mechanics involved. If you're familiar with the series, you'll find a lot to like in Street Fighter IV. If you aren't, there's still fun to be had if you're willing to dedicate some time.

* Excellent fighting engine
* Visually spectacular
* Fun multiplayer
* The subtle enhancements to the classic formula still hold up

* Some quirks in the audio
* Trial mode can get a bit wearing

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