Accelerated Gaming 2/24/09: When Will Home Be Finished?

-Capcom's Announcement
-Sony's Aggressive Marketing Campaign
-Killzone 2 Commerical Impressions
-HUGE PSP Announcements
-Impressions On PSP's Campaign
-Warhawk Command Center Announced
-Current State of Home
-Killzone 2/Home Announcement?

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SupaPlaya3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

we need to define "finished". As HOME is quite different than a normal game, I personally don't think there will be a "finished" state. Sure, it may come out of Beta sooner or later, but HOME will continue to be updated with new content and more integrated into the games.

Also, how often it gets updated will have a lot to do with how much money is being made selling those virtual goods/services. The more money they rake in, the more likely it is for Sony to allocate more resource to HOME to create new content.

PoSTedUP3524d ago

finished, as in, out of open beta and a full fledged "home experience" sony promised.

SupaPlaya3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

do we have a bullet point of items that we would need in order for HOME to be considered "complete"?

If we can't define it, it'll just vary from person to person.

If it is coming out of Beta, there really isn't anything that is stopping them from labeling it version 1.0. Technically, everything is working. It may lack a few features that some people want, but what they have currently works, and they can add new features in 1.1, 1.2...

So another question: why is HOME still in the Beta stage?

HarukoHex3524d ago

but the problem with that is the way you say that, the new firmwares for the ps3 could still be beta. so if they labeled it 1.1 or something then it would still be a beta, beta 1.1, which would be pointless. i see it as still beta because there are so few features, not many songs in the dance section, and some glitchs with people being able to get up were there not supposed to *of course this really bothers no one, but it still shows beta* thats really it. but i cant wait for some of the other promised features, its going to sweet.