IGN: Wind Slayer Interview - Part 2

Currently in open beta, Wind Slayer is the massively multiplayer title in which the ensuing action takes place. Developed by Hamelin and offered in North America by free to play operator Outspark, it's a colorful side-scroller with a branching class scheme. The aforementioned novices can select from six possibilities including Warrior, Archer, Mage, Rogue, Monk and Priest. Each of these has two options later on; for example, warriors can become Berserkers or Paladins, while mages may advance as Elementalists or Summoners. The game is also said to incorporate elements such as epic quests, lots of distinctive equipment, strong community tools and, as its ultimate but voluntary test, a system of PvP arena battles. With the regional launch approaching, IGN was keen to expand their knowledge beyond just the basics. Fortunately, they got the chance to question publisher representative Travis Trekell.

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