Google wants to join EU case against Microsoft

Google wants to help the European Commission prove antitrust charges against Microsoft related to the software giant's dominance of the Web browser market.

The Web search giant, which recently released its Chrome Web browser, announced Tuesday that it is applying to be a "third party" in the European proceedings, which will entitle it to receive access to confidential documents in the case and the ability to voice objections. Sundar Pichai, a Google vice president for product management, explained the company's reasoning in a company blog:

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Lord Anubis3525d ago

this makes me happy. The forces of good will triumph. Rejoice my brothers we will be victorious and evil will not prevail.

Eiffel3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

It saddens me most of the news you post is negative.

I don't like Microsoft as a hungry power company. But as a customer I love many of their products. Especially their new one if we recall "Microsoft Surface". which will change the way we use tables. Hell many restaurants have already signed up to use this for ordering meals. Even Japan is taking a liking to "Surface" Its a innovative product that will enhance the future.

I consider Microsoft both Yin and Yang.

Good and Bad when it wants to be.

Lord Anubis3525d ago

negative news? nah, its your perception of my news. I like to post more about science and new discoveries. I have covered Microsoft's new innovation. Please take the liberty to go through my news post. Microsoft recently had their new innovations displayed. I have reported most of them. I don't like Microsoft's grip on the market and the com placement of the market not to act. I love it when people realize the abuse Microsoft has done to the makrket for them to act upon it. It's like a cherry on a cake to me.

GiantEnemyCrab3525d ago

So you think Google is a force of good?

You don't think they have a stranglehold on the search engine market?

Google getting involved with the government to be the conduit for survelliance on Americans all under the "we are doing the citizens a service" BS line.

MS doesn't block the ability to install Chrome or any browser you want. Hell, the EU forced MS to allow people to remove IE from any copies of their OS sold in Europe. I don't understand if the customers can install any browser they want how that is a monopoly and unfair. I can't install IE on my iPHONE because I don't want to use Safari.. Why isn't the EU going after them?

MS isn't forcing anyone to use IE exclusively and now that Google has heard the dinner bell and has come running to the table it's all becoming clear what the true intention behind this whole thing is.

FantasyStar3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

I fear Google more than Microsoft. Unlike Microsoft: Google is practically everywhere and they're continuing to do so at an alarming rate. My fears will come to pass when Google releases their Cloud OS. I firmly believe that Cloud Computing will be the death of internet privacy. Would you trust a giant corporation with all your data and everything in your confidential files is at their whim?

This is a high case of "join the bandwagon".

P.S. -But then again. Microsoft's proposed and failed patent for "charging computer use by the hour" doesn't sound any better.... =(

TheDude2dot03525d ago

This is about internet. I don't believe anyone who has tried Firefox actually thinks IE deserves to exist. The only reason IE is being "improved" now is because Firefox is taking out the smart users.

Lord Anubis3525d ago

You see google earned their keep on the market by providing the best technology solution, they did not infiltrate into your computer or was bundle with anyting. they reached their spot on their OWN MERITS. The internet is a place where you can roam free. You can choose to us google's engine you can choose to place their ad on your website.

Microsoft forced IE on consumers by bundling it with their operating system. They killed netscape and thought they could run along with it till this day. IE was lesser than Netscape and netscape could not survive because IE was bundle free with the operating system.

I don't know what has taken so long for people to realize the obvious.

Do you understand now?

The Lazy One3525d ago

You know google currently can track everything you search across youtube facebook and the search engine itself?

I'm many times more worried about google as they actually have a nearly a monopoly on the internet right now. They own almost all of the most traveled to sites on the internet and now a major browser.

Lord Anubis3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

I'm not really too worried as the US gov has a tight grip on Google. They didn't allow them to buy that ad company which did indeed kept track of users. After all the US want search engines and other websites to keep track of their users for atleast 2 years to help in authority issues that could come up in the future. Most companies refuse and do not want to keep track of users for that long as it would be really expensive.

you know you could go to jail here in the US for googling a way to dispose of bodies or other murder related queries.

If google engages in bad practices i will be there to slam them down publicly as a i do with any other company that does the same.

paul-p19883525d ago

Google may have a 'stranglehold' over the search market, but that is completly different. You are not forced to use google, you do not have google as default when you buy a new computer, unlike M$ who do that sort of stuff all the time.

Google is king through peoples choice, M$ is 'king of the OS' because of being forced onto people.

SkyGamer3525d ago

True MS aint no saint but google is far from it. At least MS doesn't store ALL the info you search and sell it to different companies. Why do you think google is so frickin rich and you get all that spam mail? You can thank google for that.

RussDeBuss3525d ago

Just wondering, if windows didn't come with explorer, how is somone supposed to get online to download a browser of their choice?

shawnsl653525d ago

you get spam mail because you release your info to those porn sites. My spam box has nothing in there :) try again.

Capulous3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

"You see google earned their keep on the market by providing the best technology solution, they did not infiltrate into your computer or was bundle with anyting. they reached their spot on their OWN MERITS. The internet is a place where you can roam free. You can choose to us google's engine you can choose to place their ad on your website."

IIRC, installing Google earth installed a bunch of google apps on your computer with no option otherwise. This may have changed, but it is silly for you to praise google and claim they are better than Microsoft. They are in this to make money.

I think MS should include the option to install other browsers with their OS. They should charge the other companies to include it.

You can also chose what browser you want to install on your computer. You are not forced to only use IE. There is nothing programmed into MS's operating systems that prevent anyone from installing whatever browser they chose. To claim otherwise is silly.

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TrevorPhillips3525d ago

lol Google making a case against Microsoft pfffff hahahahahah

Obama3525d ago

Go Go Google Rangers!

AuToFiRE3525d ago


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