Neocrisis: New Lost Planet 2 Scans

Neocrisis: 8 new scans.


According to famitsu it will be only for the 360. They state that game development is only 40% done. In addition the retail title will feature online modes and four player cooperative play.

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ff13lover3523d ago

game does not look half bad

umair_s513523d ago

Good looking game, development is 40% done according to famitsu, will ship in 2010 most probably.

N4Sony3523d ago

Well this should get no attention on this site. Banished.

3523d ago
ff13lover3523d ago

is this a system seller?

LostChild3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

It is one of the best action-adventure games to date. Lost Planet, was one of the first 360 games to show what true next-gen graphics/tech can do and look like. There were some minor issues with the first games knock down animation and lame story but the online MP really shined.

Edit: Disagress but no reply, must be searching for how many consoles LP1 help sell when it came out. Or maybe because I didn't mention the PS3/PC version. Hmm. One of the best Action-Adventure games to date. Can't be that because I said ONE OF and even said ONE OF the first True Next-gen Graphics. Maybe its because they enjoyed the knock down animation and lame story.

XLiveGamer3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

This game looks amazing the 1st was a Great Game. I like the Mechs and the Boss fights. Huge Big Azz Monsters & Great Explosion Effects.

The game have good story but of course because the 2nd its coming to Xbox360 1st no wonder why in the PS3 fans point of view the game sux! right? Sometimes i wish that the developers of the games get a chance to access all those negatives comments from all those PS3 gamers on all those well received games on Xbox 360 that are great by the way and make an important decision. Do i port it to PS3 or not? mmm... they are bashing and its just a 40% mmm? Because from what i been reading from almost every PS3 gamer here on N4G its that games like this sux and its a waste of time to buy it and play it on their God PS3. Well here is a good question ¿Why do you care so much then and read their reviews and post comments bashing those games? Do you like Lost Planet? Do i care if you like it? All i know its that i like the 1st Lost Planet and i can't wait for this one. This one looks better. But of course you have your Killzone 2 and PSN spend your time there then, you said you have so much fun there right? ¿Why i am going to spend my time bashing a great game from another console? ¿Are you really a gamer or a Console Fan? a Fan? then blow your fnck!ng self out of here!

ff13lover3523d ago

saw it not a port?
i would swear it was on the ps3 also

SonyRulz3523d ago

You no speak Engrish, huh? :o

Xandet3523d ago

Unless some major improvements are made, I doubt I'll pay much attention to this one, as it'll all be focused on Dead Rising 2.

Why dis3523d ago

We'll see is PS3 center was telling the truth soon.

Capcom didn't even release Lost Planet Colonies for PS3 most likely because they thought the series was an big fail on the PS3.

Just look at these losers crying

Why dis3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

PS3 couldn't run this game, the first LP was around 30% inferior on the PS3 with the older build of the engine and LP2 using a newer superior version.

Sony needs 5 years, millions and millions of dollars and a dev team of hundreds to get a game to "almost* look like a game on the 360 in its alpha stage lol.

LP2 is just the start.

BLUR1113523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

It's funny how Why did owns the droids so bad that they have to make a reply with no real response.

Xbox Street Gang, FF13lover and sony Rep? who are these clowns?!!!!

Seems like SONY is too good at programing droids 1 by 1 on the internet to flaimbate alday

Because they are so bitter that the 360 is still not in last place like the PS3

Droids get off here and go buy some games and play them if you love SONY so much!

gambare3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

want a real response? ok...

I played the first LP in a image copy on my pc and the game wasn't good, I don't know if you guys praise it because it was on 360 first or just because you are butthurted about your "precious" exclusives made multi because they sucked a$$

but seriously, I enjoyed the game even if it was on my pc but it didn't left me the taste to play a second part.

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