TeamXbox: Trivial Pursuit Hands-on Preview

TeamXbox writes: "In the house I grew up in, Trivial Pursuit was the family's favorite board game, next to maybe Rummikub or the occasional Candyland grudge match. I come not from a family of geniuses or over-eduated poindexters, but definitely smart people with an uncanny ability to remember useless information. In other words, we're like trivia samurai's.

This many years on Trivial Pursuit has had plenty of updates, from new theme packs of questions to slight redesigns of the board. But really, the game hasn't changed much thanks to be so elegantly designed. But EA has taken it upon themselves to screw with the delicate balance of such a sublimely crafted gameplay concept in their new video game version of Trivial Pursuit. Strangely, the ideas they came up with are pretty good."

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