Virtual On For Xbox 360? It's On!

It's true. Sega is bringing Virtual On Oratorio Tangram, its hardcore arcade mech fighting game, to Xbox Live Arcade. The re-release has been officially announced in the latest issue of Japan's Famitsu Weekly.

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Charlie26883523d ago

Any fan right now of Virtual On you are probably gonna need a new set of pants right now :D, Sadly I also expect high contrast reviews and word of mouth between the old and new fans and the people that just cant get into the game (which is surprisingly a good amount of people)

I also wonder what are they gonna do to the control scheme? it would be epic if they launched it with the actual arcade sticks

N4PS3G3523d ago

Hardcore!! YEAH! wish i had the arcade controller for this lol

phosphor1123523d ago

It wouldn't be epic with the two "jet" joysticks.

LostChild3523d ago

This game was pretty cool on the DreamCast.

Now Bring: Crazy Taxi, Spawn FPS, Daytona USA, Jet Grind Radio and Power Stone to XBLA as well.

Myst3523d ago

Some power stone love is definitely needed. :)! If not the old versions transported over, then at least a HD remix, if not that then a Power stone 3 please! :)!

phosphor1123523d ago

but if they really do bring Virtual On, or any of those epic games you mentioned, id truly be jealous.

GiantEnemyCrab3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

haha I remember this game on the DC. Still have it.

Nice addition I guess, but getting a bit tired of the retro stuff.


"sigh* That would rock."

QFT!! That would sooo rock!

Unicron3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

It's funny how both PSN and XBLA need a bit more balancing. PSN goes for mostly original content like Flower and Echochrome. XBLA goes for primarily remakes/updates like Ikaruga and TMNT Arcade. Can you imagine an online service with access to TMNT, Ikaruga, Fat Princess, Castle Crashers, Braid, Flower, Wipeout HD....

*sigh* That would rock.

Neoraf3523d ago

This is not a problem...

Just get both 360 and PS3 (like me and many others) and you'll have access to everything!

This way, I get Braid, Flower, Monsters, Rez HD, etc.

Godmars2903523d ago

An XBL/PSN version of Steam just isn't happening.

Sony and MS are two opposing egos.

kewlkat0073523d ago

Now where is Silent Scope?

This was one of the Good DC games...

GiantEnemyCrab3523d ago

Ohhhh Silent Scope!!!! I'm having a flashback!!!!

What a great game! Good call.

psycho3603523d ago


Your flashback reminded me of game flashback on amiga500.. Also i want cannon fodder on xbla..

SonyRulz3523d ago

Flashback and Fade to Black BOTH need the XBLA HD-redux treatment. Damn :(

psycho3603523d ago

@above you're right man.. Fade 2 black was amazing as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.