Toronto Thumbs: Street Fighter IV Review

Toronto Thumbs writes: "Street Fighter IV marks a strange milestone in videogaming history. Its recent home release for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is optimized for play on our HDTV home theatre set-ups, and yet its arcade roots remain obscure to most gamers who will play the game. It's a rare occasion of the first home version of a game being better than its arcade predecessor, which is something we'll likely see more of in the future as arcades all but die out.

So when you buy Street Fighter IV, you will not be getting an arcade game. And when you play it, you will not feel the authentic experience of playing it in an arcade. To best emulate this, you would have to play on a 27-inch flat screen CRT running at standard definition with your face just one foot away from the screen while you sit on an uncomfortable plastic chair with an arcade stick shelved up between you and the monitor."

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