G4TV DICE 2009: David Perry Talks About Acclaim, Free-To-Play, Bandwidth Caps, And 'Earthworm Jim

G4TV writes: "From Earthworm Jim to Wild 9 to Messiah to Enter the Matrix, Dave Perry has had a long and storied career. Although he's best known for traditional console games, Perry's future is going in a vastly different direction. Currently, the chief creative officer at Acclaim, Perry is convinced that the online free-to-play model is where gaming is going. Considering the current state of the economy, he has a huge opportunity with this model.

In addition to talking about free-to-play gaming, Perry discusses what the Acclaim brand means these days. After you check out this interview, be sure to read Brian's excellent write up of Perry's DICE 2009 session and leave a comment on whether you think free-to-play is in your gaming future."

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