Finding every hidden orb in Crackdown

Tracking down the last few hidden orbs in Crackdown can be a daunting task, especially in a city the size of Pacific City. So, that's why Herman Gatevold went through all the work to post a picture of all 300 hidden orb locations as well as conveniently plotting them on a map of Pacific City.

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InMyOpinion5549d ago

It takes an insane man with an insane name to achieve insane things like that! I'm impressed...and insane.

Zinswin5549d ago

I may have to use this. Where's that agility orb map? I have under 20 of those yet to find...

Havince5549d ago

im missing about 20+ of the agility ones aswell, good work with the map. might hav 2 print it off

Icryo5549d ago

Great map! I have 9 to find so this will be useful...

gogators5549d ago

I have even been bothering tracking the other orbs yet. It really does help when you play with some else, especially those question mark orbs.

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The story is too old to be commented.