24 Memorable Epic Fails of Gaming

gameplayer writes:
"Up until now we've only recapped the positive awards, like the 23 Most Memorable Deaths in Gaming, and the 22 Memorable Nude Moments in Gaming (that last one nearly exploded the server, by the way),but today we're going to switch gears from The Oscars to The Razzies. That's right, today is a celebration of everything that isn't cool with gaming - a cheerful, one fingered salute to the very cream of the crap. Enjoy the ceremony."

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GWAVE3521d ago

LOL. Does it make me old and/or a major geek if I've personally experienced pretty much every entry on this list?

TheHater3521d ago

no not really. I been gaming for about 13 years now and owned 12 consoles not including handhelds or PC

PirateThom3521d ago

I remember them all... but I think I've only personally experienced a few.

SaiyanFury3520d ago

I remember most of these, and some of them are undeserving. Like the "Epic Fail" award for worst voice acting goes to Resident Evil on the PS1? I'm sorry, I've heard a LOT worse that the original RE. And considering that it came out in the early days of mainstream video game voice overs, I don't think it was bad at all.

Also the harping on Tactics Ogre's subtitle and changing it to read “ Explosive Blood Storm of Death” is sheer lunacy. Sheesh, go watch an Eli Roth film if blood and gore is all you're looking for.

Other than those nitpicks, I generally agree with most others on the list.

Myst3521d ago

"Quick Time Events
Platform: Shenmue through to today
Credentials: Only one game series does this acceptably, God of War – everyone else, bugger off. Quick time Events are fun, and they had their place, but enough is enough."

He said their fun, but yet it counted as an epic fail? God of war is accepted, and some of the other ones didn't. I would have personally just taken this off of the list. I find quick-times to be really fun, especially when they aren't really slowed down to "slow-motion", but rather action is still going and you have to mash the button real fast :).

McFlouncy3521d ago

Legendary list. Just watched the Bad Boys one there, far out. First, I had no idea it existed, second, how bad is the voice acting?

It's almost as bad as the tragic stand there waiting to die in one shot AI.

Or the corker ending.

Very entertaining.

phosphor1123521d ago

both the voice actors are white..or sound it atleast. My brother got my oldest brother Bad Boys 2 for his birthday..just for a joke, it was so bad, my oldest brother gave it back. lol. I could go on and on about how crappy the game is..but my hands would fall off if i did.

Bathyj3521d ago

GoW did QTE brilliantly. I think its just trendy to jump on the We hate QTE bandwagon. Heavy Rain looks to handle them really well also.

And what is a pretty excellent action series in Max Payne would have been a pretty average one without Bullet Time.

Naturally we dont want to be saturated by these things, but when they work, whats the problem.

LeonSKennedy4Life3521d ago

Despite Dante's attitude change...

...Devil May Cry 2 was actually way more fun than the first. Obviously, neither of them are as good as DMC3, but I'm so tired of people putting down DMC2...when it was really good!

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The story is too old to be commented.