SCRAWL: Dreaming of a Final Fantasy VII Remake

SCRAWL: "Final Fantasy VII, it's been played through and beaten several times by most hardcore role-playing game fans. It left a legacy left to be followed by the future generation of role-playing games, however, as of today, not one has been able to match up to the shine that this gem sparks."

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HarukoHex3548d ago

How I would love a remake of this game. We all know it would help the ps3 sells massively. not to mention shooting into at least 1 million copy's sold on day one. But its sad that they just keep playing with us. But then again, something is better then nothing.

josephat843547d ago

But I just played it again and I have to say that the story utterly sucks big time. The combat is really fun and it introduced some new elements to RPG's, but the story sucks so bad because the writing is terrible. This is not an RPG for adults. I have come to the realization that storytelling in videogames, for the most part, is crap.(there are a few exceptions like Uncharted, Mass Effect and such) I don't want a remake of this game because it'll just be the same with super nice graphics. I thought the story in XII was much better. Square seems to be maturing the franchise. Hopefully XIII will be even better.

SpoonyRedMage3547d ago

Tetsuya Nomura said no FFVII remake until after FFXIII and Versus VIII are out but I'd prefer a remake for the DS or just a port, I'd love to be able to play it on the go.