Does Microsoft Need Sony Killers?

"Microsoft has probably the two biggest shooter franchises at the moment being, Gears of War and Halo. Both have carried Microsoft as their flagship titles and sell well every time Marcus Fenix or Master Chief are called up for duty. You will struggle to find a Sony series that claims to be bigger than those two juggernauts. But after those big hitters, you struggle to find a first party title or game published by Microsoft that is among the "great" gaming franchises out there. Then when you look at some of the games Sony is bringing to the party this year along with some of their other big franchises, you begin to see that some of the games that Sony offers, Microsoft has nothing that can stand up to what they have, and in an age of where Sony seems to be after a "Halo Killer", does Microsoft need some Sony Killers of their own."

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ape0073549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )


xbox 360 will do well with 199$

all these hot games(gears2,crackdown,halo,al an wake atc..),multiplat games(fallout3,gta 4,dead rising,resi 5 are better on 360),best online experience out there,awesome arcade titles,amazing hd graphics

as a gamer,you can't go wrong with the 360

I know I'll get disagrees,agree or disagree respectfully :)

sony need to cut the price of the ps3,I know overall ps3 to me is better but take a look at WHOLE COMMUNITY,look deeply,xbox 360 will contenue to sell unless sony cut the price

that's my view

GWAVE3549d ago

Though I dislike the phrase "_____ killer", a price cut isn't a "killer" of any sort. It's a business tactic and nothing more. Microsoft is running dry of "killer" titles coming in 2009 and beyond, while Sony continues to ramp up production of game after game after game, all of them looking to be AAA hits. I want Microsoft to invest beyond Unreal Engine and/or 3rd-party developers. That strategy is starting to leave gamers bored.

Cajun Chicken3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

More like the old XBOX days, eh?

lokiroo4203549d ago

The sounds of a defeated fanboy, better get used to it folks.

SupaPlaya3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

they both have great games and the games don't need to kill each other.

However, in this recession, they need some serious


Peace, and someone needs to tell the media to stop using the term XXX killer. It's getting old.

Blaze9293548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

whats there to kill? Until a PS3 game reaches the spontaneous and lifetime sales of Microsoft highest selling Xbox games, Halo and Gears, they dont need to kill anything. However, in sony's case....

eagle213548d ago

Gran Turismo's 52 million sold! God of War is BETTER than both!

RememberThe3573548d ago

Sony has yet to publish a PS3 game that comes even close to Halo numbers. However, I think they were talking more about the future and not the past.

Looking into the future all you see are Sony games(at least for now), and that make one think; "what the hell is MS going to do?" What do they have to combat GT5? Foraz? lol come on... And about God of War III, Killzone 2, Infamous, MAG? The list can go on and on. The point is that the 360, as of right now, doesn't have much to combat the PS3's exclusives.

GWAVE3548d ago

@ Rememberthe and Blaze

From a business perspective, I'm sure Sony would enjoy an IP that sells as well as Halo. However, that's their concern, not mine...and not yours (unless you own stock in either company). As a gamer, do you really care about a game's sales when you have games staring you in the face? People can talk about Halo's and Gear's sales, but what OTHER IPs does Microsoft have a hold of? Sony might not have as many sales, but they have more IPs. They have more development studios. They have more proprietary game engines.

Do you play games on your console, or do you play sales?

Why o why3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

tripple A and 'x' killer. Fcuk you media. We're gamers you can shove your 'aaa killer' up ur *bleep* you *bleep*s (exhale)

RememberThe3573548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

I see where your coming from, but I do have logic behind why I follow game/console sales.

If a game that I like doesn't sell well, there is less of a chance that game will receive a sequel. A good example is Okami. I love Okami; one of my all time favorite games. But it didn't sell well at all and Capcom couldn't justify making another game. This also lead to Clover Studio being shut down which sucked.

Sales directly impact what games we play so I try to stay up on sales to see if the games I like are doing well. If they're not I wont be expecting a sequel.

@Why o why: Well put.

Why o why3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

good point. Okami IS one of my best gaming experiences. Its a damn shame clover are no more. The same could of happened to Team ico but luckily sony showed faith and their 2 games are also up there on my top gaming experiences. So yes they are correlated but not to the extent of calling games like mgs 4 and lbp a flop because it didn't sell a trillion in a week. They dont need to sell that much to warrant a companies survival or make a sequel viable. We KNOW where that dumb a** notion came from now dont we. Sales never always equate to quality but they definitely help in other ways.

GWAVE3548d ago

@ RememberThe

Oh, Okami. R.I.P.

I see what you mean. I guess I just have a different perspective on it. I'm a PC gamer at heart, so even games that have "poor" sales tend to get sequels on the PC if the core fanbase is there, so in my eyes it's really not that important for a game -- not even a multi-million dollar game -- to become the next "Halo" in sales for it to be a success in my book.

Godmars2903548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

"Neither companies need any game killer,"

Yeah, that's exactly why MS has been buying up DLC. Are fronting a non-HDD SKU while promoting something like Lost and the Damned.

Sony's main fault has been in allowing the PS3 to stand on its own. MS can't say the same about the 360.

Yeah, and disagree all you want, just shut up about the $200 360.

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Why dis3549d ago

PS3 has something that needs killing?

GWAVE3549d ago

Hi. Just thought I'd pop in over from the Gamer Zone to check on you and see how things are going. Enjoying your time here?

Man_of_the_year3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

I think once PS3 owners actually start buying games, Sony drops the price, AAA exclusives are not too widely spaced apart, PSN is brought up to par with LIVE, Sony gets the PS3 out of 3rd place than ya i think MS will need Sony Killers....however i think MS can sit on any ideas for a very long time....

SmokingMonkey3549d ago

yeah Killzone2 where have you been?

Obama3549d ago

"AAA exclusives are not too widely spaced apart"

Where are the 360 AAA exclusives this year? We haven't seen one single triple A quality yet on the 360.

BLUR1113548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

E3 is going to make all these droids cry on N4G just like the last E3!!

Obama3548d ago

Really? Can you read your crystal ball and tell me what MS is going to show at E3?

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Lou-Cipher3549d ago

"Microsoft has probably the two biggest shooter franchises at the moment being, Gears of War and Halo."

The only problem with having only two major franchises, is that those storys are going to eventually run out.

There are very few franchises that last several decades like Mario or Zelda or Metal Gear, and the Halo and Gears franchise wont last even close to as long as those have.

Look at the God of War Franchise, and how it is coming to an end. I think the God of War titles top Halo and Gears combined, but like those games God of War has an end.

What Sony has been doing is constantly making sure that when certain franchises end, that they have 2 more to take its spot.

Microsoft does not need to worry about what Sony is doing, but they need to make Sure that when Halo and Gears finally fizzle out, that they have something that can match or exceed what Halo & Gears has been able to do. (and getting rid of 1st & 2nd party studios is the worst thing they could do)

PirateThom3549d ago

What Microsoft need is a title like Uncharted. It's a game that wasn't presented as a trilogy or a definitive story from the start, it's episodic and they can do what they want with it.

Cajun Chicken3549d ago

Hmm...knowing Naughty Dog, I wouldn't rule out Uncharted not being a trilogy.
It's just the way those guys do things, I hope ND give us a chance to revisit Jak, but since Bob Rafei left ND, well...I think the chances of that are rapidly declining.

Karum3549d ago

Microsoft are doing pretty well so I don't think they need a Sony killer.

What I do think is that they want a Sony killer, we all know how MS like nothing more than market dominance.

RememberThe3573548d ago

...doesn't know sh*t about Microsoft.

madpuppy3548d ago

Is fix the 360's poor design and stop screw1ng their customers. that is all I ask for, I don't want to have to replace my 360 AGAIN for god sakes!

no_more_trolling3549d ago

no they dont. they just need to let out some good games. keep the good times rolling. these fanboys are out to ruin gaming. its like they want a one console monopoly