Rumor: Shiny Entertainment Founder says PSP 2 will not have 'the stupid battery-sucking UMD disc drive'

VG Tribune writes: "The past few days and weeks have been abound with rumors about PSP 2 features and debates about whether Sony is even ready to release a PSP 2 or not. Now Twitter, the internet phenomena status update service, enters into the mix. Early this morning we spotted a "tweet" David Perry, founder of Shiny Entertainment and mastermind behind Earthworm Jim, had, well, "tweeted" this morning.

'I hear Sony FINALLY has the PSP 2. And thank goodness, they've removed the stupid battery-sucking UMD disc drive. I'm excited!'"

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PotNoodle3575d ago

Having the PSP2 fully based on DD would be great imo, it is silly having to carry out those big UMD's for a portable system.

Lord Anubis3575d ago

i really hope they continue to have it so that we can store and hopefully play the games on the PSP2 and PS3/PS4 platforms. So that it becomes a portable experience but we can enjoy them through emulation on the big screen if we please to do so. Also important to be able to store it on the PC/external hard drive and or PS3.

Megaton3575d ago

Agreed. DD is perfect for portables, as long as they have a decent amount of space. Getting all your games from the PSN store would be ideal on a PSP2.

pain777pas3575d ago

I will get this system day one if it has 2 analog nubs and HDD. They should use sd cards for games at retail and everything else on PSN. Should be BC with all psp games so there is a UMD drive but no future releases should use this medium or I'll just use the current PSP and download the standouts from PSN. Please Sony 2 analog nubs please and you may compete with home consoles if you include all the functionality enhancements of the current PSP 3000.

DeadlyFire3575d ago

Its going to support Blu-Ray. All this DD and other stuff isn't going to fly. Sony is going with what Sony owns which is Blu-Ray. Mini-BD ROM discs! 15 GB discs. Thats a hefty disc size for a portable device.

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swiftshot933575d ago

I agree UMD sucks, but sony has to think of something because they'll lose lots of sales of they rely on DD only.

iamtehpwn3575d ago

Maybe an OPTIONAL functionality of being a cellphone?
I mean, it doesn't have to, but It makes my pocket cluttered,
to carry my psp in my pocket with my phone

RememberThe3573575d ago

Probably the Memory Stick Duo or something similar.

SynGamer3575d ago

No UMD drive is the right way to go. They need a flash-based storage medium for the PSP2. I was thinking people could send their games in and get a code to download them on the PSN (i'm sure the PSP2 will be backwards compatible). It may take a while, but i think it's the best compromise and it allows Sony to then resell the PSP games to users who have yet to get a PSP2. That, or they could have a program setup with GameStop/Walmart/any big chain where we trade our games in there and get the code automatically...

edwineverready3575d ago

hope it will be something like that. i want to know what graphic capabilities the psp2 will have

SynGamer3575d ago

I'm hoping something on par with the Wii (but on a smaller screen so it looks better). Anything more and the battery will drain just as quickly as the PSP does now.

Sanhlami3575d ago

Maybe games should be permanently printed on memory stick pro duo. Thats the only way I can think of.

Tony P3575d ago

Besides being smaller, how is that functionally different from a cartridge?

SynGamer3575d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Though Sony needs to combat piracy big time with the PSP2. Perhaps they could use there M2 memory stick format but improve the security?

TapiocaMilkTea3575d ago

It seems like everything is going back to non moving storage mediums. It makes a lot of sense for portable devices, flash memories are cheap enough to make now.

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