Get ready for Sony of War!

Well known online UK retailer Gameplay recently put up screenshots of Gears on its PS3 pre-order page. Some are speculating that this was done to boost consumer appeal of the PS3. They even pictured the respective Gears of War box which clearly states it is an Xbox 360 title! Note, the advertised bundle denotes it is a Resistance package.

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shotty4335d ago

Can't blame them for trying right....

Covenant4335d ago

Almost as funny as the Forza screenshot in the Sony ad. :)

HandShandy4335d ago

Is this news? Or is it TheFART trying desperatly to tarnish the new press about Sony at GDC?

I think the latter.

Boink4335d ago

it's just funny, would you have said the same thing if it wasn't posted by the mart?

and the fart? what are you 5?

c'mon man, lighten up.

FirstknighT4335d ago

The Fart??? Wow, very creative! Can sony boys get any more stupid?

Funny find. Maybe the ps3 will start selling! ;)

kamakazi4335d ago

upset that people are bashing on your boyfriend the mart? MS fanboys are looking mighty hard for anything to bash on the PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.