UGO: Dirt 2 Preview

UGO writes: "Despite having quite possibly the most ridiculous game title in the history of game titles, Dirt managed to impress racing fans, both casual and hardcore. It sold incredibly well, got great review scores and brought in a whole swath of gamers into rally racing. And thus, Dirt 2 is well on its way, which comes as no surprise to anyone.

While the first Dirt focused on solid rally racing gameplay, Dirt 2 will follow that up and add to it, bringing what the developers are calling "offroad racing with extreme sports attitude," which is apparently written on a banner in their studio. There's a certain edge to Dirt 2, apparent in a teaser trailer with gives the game a sort of rock and roll roadie vibe. In the trailer, "you" wake up in the back of your crappy trailer, walking towards the front past girls in skimpy attire, only to open the window to an all-out racing extravaganza. It looks like Codemasters is going for a tone similar to Motorstorm, giving each race a more epic feel."

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