Download: Furcadia 0.26 Client

Furcadia is a game is designed and engineered to run in a single world no matter how large it gets. This allows the development of a larger society with the maximum amount of interaction between players, as opposed to most other games which fragment their players into smaller, arbitrary groupings. Additionally, easy creation tools allow players to design and publish Dreams, allowing players to share their unique content with everyone in the game. Most areas within the game are created by players, including castles and spaceships, puzzles, quests, festivals, and re-creations of classic videogames. Future plans for the game include adding pets, moving to a new, 24-bit graphics engine, and a spectator mode that will permit players to view player-created shows. A planned new component to the online economy will pay players "royalties" in-game based on how much their creations are viewed or used.

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