Higher Prices For Euro PS3/Wii Games Confirmed By Atari

According to JeuxFrance, Atari has confirmed that players will be paying a higher price for PS3/Wii games in Europe. Atari, who is the distributor for Sega in some parts of Europe has released the prices for a few games for PS3 & Wii. On PS3, Sonic The Hedgehog is going to cost 67,99 euros, while World Snooker Championship 2007 will be 73,99 euros. On the Wii, Sonic Wild Fire and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz will both be available for 59,99 euros.

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Wotbot6331d ago

Looks like PS3 games will be the same price as 360 games.

hardwood20016330d ago

So in Europe Xbox 360 games cost about $20 USD less than ps3 games, and wii games actually cost about $5 more than Xbox 360 games???

This is not including Microsoft's first party games right?

kingboy6331d ago

it`s a brand new system anyway so prices are gonna be high a little ...man as from november my credit card is gonna be on fire

FamoAmo6331d ago

King- Some of the 360 games have went down in price. PDZ- 39.99 and a few others. Also some sports titles are only 40$. I don't think 60$ is a bad price for a game anyway. HD gameing -you just can't beat it!!

ssj046331d ago

Games that are droping in prices are the one that arn't selling... DUHhhhhhh no brainer...

blueraven6330d ago

if rumours are true and the ps3 is region free for games,then we'll just import the games from the cheapest place in the world,apparently bd could potentially hold all the different languages so high prices may not even be an issue

Lionel Hutz6329d ago

Exactly right on the region free part. The only thing I worry about (well nothing as I live in the US) for UK gamers then is that the cost of shipping and tax for importing games will not offset the savings from buying in the US.

Also, I think that the prices will drop once blu-ray has been established more, and the manufacturing costs for making blu-ray discs decline.

Thirdly, nothing has been said about digital distribution of the games - skipping retail stores may be bad for business, but may lower the price for us gamers.

Capt CHAOS6328d ago

You really think most/all games will come on BD? What's the point. Game publishers will be aiming to ship on DVD format to keep costs low for us consumer (I hope). Language content does not take much space for games, and I'm sure many regions would fit on even a DVD..

nirwanda6326d ago (Edited 6326d ago )

All game will ship in the blu-ray format for copy protection reasons
As for next gen games droping in price Amped3 is a good example in the uk it stated at £45 now you can pick it up new for £17.99 this will happen across all format's but it will take much longer for PS3 game prices to drop

ChickeyCantor6109d ago

games always costed us 59,99 euros.
this is lame XD


Sega Just Acknowledged Sonic 06's Princess Elise For The First Time In 15 Years

Elise hasn't been forgotten, even after her infamous debut in Sonic '06.

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DarXyde193d ago

Sonic '06 has a special place in my heart.

It's the game that finalized my divorce from the franchise. I actually really liked most of the 3D games before the PS3/X360 era with this steaming pile. It doesn't help that this was the game that gave me RRoD either.

Chocoburger192d ago

There are many worse Sonic games than this one:

Sonic Labrynth
Sonic Free Riders
Sonic the Hedgehog on GBA
Sonic mobile games (too many to list)
Sonic Rivals 1 & 2
Sonic Game Gear titles

There's more I'm forgetting. But yeah, lazy low-hanging fruit, quickly shat out worthless article without substance beating a dead horse that's already been beaten for the past 17 years isn't enough.

DarXyde192d ago

Opinion piece.

And I would say that history tends to be lenient to games that aren't mainline titles and released on handhelds/secondary hardware (Kinect). We can easily acknowledge those games are bad, but you kind of expect it because they're either bad ports or spinoff titles.

As the first mainline game of gen 7, I can see some good arguments for this one being the worst.


Sonic the Hedgehog Co-Creator Shares His Surprising Inspiration for the Game

Naoto Ohshima, the co-creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, shares the surprisingly surreal original idea that inspired the hit video game franchise.

contra157250d ago

Start getting inspired to start on sonic mania two

LostinthePANIC249d ago

"...the idea for the Sonic games started as a concept called Twin Stars, which was to take place in a dream-like world. It focused on twin brothers who save a dream world from an evil boss named Thirteen, who came from a world of nightmares."