MTV: 'Killzone 2' Arrives Lunchtime Video

The biggest first person shooter of the year for the PlayStation 3, the much-discussed "Killzone 2," has arrived in the MTV offices.

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joeyisback25853526d ago

yaaaaaaaaa best lookin game period kills all ps3 and 360 games period

jamesrocks31473526d ago

has been posted off as of 24/02/09 with luck i may even get it later on 2day its 22 mins past midnight in the UK atm i may get it around this afternoon =] if i would of diffantly of fort thursday=] still 1 or 2 days early i am not complianing , same with one of my friends how ever another friend says " order placed " so his probs wont be coming early probally receive it on launch day.

so if its been posted on the 24th or even 2day the 25th chances are people you will be getting your 1 or 2 days early!

resistance1003526d ago

My Copy from Shop-to has been dispatched, if im lucky i may even get it tomorrow =D

resistance1003526d ago

As long as it doesn't come on Thursday im happy, i have an important presentation in the morning and the last thing i would want is to know KZ2 is waiting at home for me to play on my mind

Karum3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Did you actuallly get an email saying it was despatched? Because myself and a bunch of others I know all got an email from saying that they were getting the orders ready today, ready to be shipped on Wednesday, meaning you get it on Thursday.

In fact this is what it says.

Dear Customer,

We're writing to you regarding your pre-order for Killzone 2. Please be advised we'll be starting the processing of all Killzone 2 pre-orders today. This is due to the large volume of stock we need to prepare for shipping from tomorrow, so that you'll receive the game by release date.

This will also allow time for you to amend any issues with your card should payment fail first time around.

Thank you for your pre-order and your patience at this extremely exciting/busy time!

Kind Regards,

The ShopTo.Net Team

resistance1003526d ago


I received 2 emails after that one, confirming payment and order.

On all pre-orders before from shop-to i have got the game the day after i got this email.

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The story is too old to be commented.