Game Focus: Moonfall: Land of Dreams Review

Game Focus writes: "I never judge a game by its release screen shots and neither should you. Company's can adjust a screen to look far better than the game actually is with some photoshop trickery or the game could look bad but be one of those classic amazing games which set up shop in the corner of my game filled heart and they bring incredible gameplay which in the end far overshadows the lack luster graphics. So when I was shown Moonfall I asked to review it, not knowing much more than it was an indie title and an action RPG. Graphically the screen shots were not impressive, but I had seen worse as a game reviewer but as I have mentioned screen shots are meaningless to me."




-Bad graphics even for an Indie Title
-Bad audio even for an Indie Title
-Bad gameplay especially for an Indie Title
-No save feature but a password "feature"
-This is one game which gives gamers a bad taste for Indie titles

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