NZGamer: Halo Wars Review

NZGamer writes: "In fact, Halo Wars is the most accessible traditional RTS game we've ever tested - it works, and works well. It's fun to play with varied maps, varied missions and is literally jam-packed with "Halo-ness". The sights, the sounds and the raw feel of the game is Halo to the core. If you're even slightly interested in RTS games and like Halo even a little bit, you should check this out. If you want to see a proper RTS game done well on a console, Halo Wars is every bit worth checking out. If you happen to love RTS games and Halo, well, why did you even read this far? Halo Wars is what you'd expect when you entrust the masters at Ensemble (never forget) with making an RTS game set in Bungie's epic. It's rock solid".

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