New Footage of Halo 2 on Vista

Some new footage of the FPS, Halo 2, on Windows Vista. Enjoy.

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grifter0244243d ago

Wow whoever is playing sure doesnt know how to play this game... I love when they show this infront of lots of people and the person that plays the game doesnt even know what he's doing so funny.

The_Firestarter4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

This is just sad. This game looks EXACTLY the same as the original Xbox version. There's only two noticeable "improvements" are: that annoyingly done lens glare effect (which is way overdone) and there are no jaggies. But, since there are no jaggies, everything has an ugly, straight shape. So what if Halo2Vista uses HDR, big deal, this game still has come crappy textures. Just watch the video. When he gets close to a boulder you'll notice how bad it looks. This game doesn't even use DX10, sheesh.

*Harsh, but honest*