Sony's 2009 Lineup Extends Into March 2010

The 2009 PlayStation 3 lineup Sony recently announced caused some to raise eyebrows, but today's PSP news delivered clarification about when we'll be playing "God of War III," "Heavy Rain," and others: their release window extends into March 2010.

"Uncharted 2: Among Thieves," "God of War III," "Heavy Rain," "MAG" and "Heavy Rain" may not all arrive before 2009 comes to a close, despite what Sony seemed to suggest last week.

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meepmoopmeep3575d ago

don't they go buy the business fiscal year?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3575d ago

lol...sorry just think that name is awesome.

That guy says heavey rain twice O_O. He must be doubly excited about it.

thor3575d ago

For press releases, maybe.

But NOT for game trailers. Watch the Heavy Rain trailer. Watch the Uncharted 2 trailer. They say 2009 at the end. That is with 100% certainty a release timeframe. If you watch a trailer and it says 2009, you expect the game to come out in 2009. If those games release in 2010, they will have been delayed. Trailers are aimed at the general public, to get them aware of the game. Using fiscal years would be silly and misleading.

The God of War 3 trailers have NOT shown a release date. So I can expect GoW3 not to make it for 2009, same with MAG.

Genesis53575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Is there anyway we can save the next story until we have an actual answer. This is like the 5th story about this. There coming in 09 no they're not yes they are no, yes, maybe, yes, no... Well you get the point.

The Lazy One3575d ago

Cuz nobody's ever delayed a game from the date at the end of the trailer before.

thor3575d ago

If you release a trailer saying "2009" - that means AT LEAST that your target release date is in the year 2009, not the fiscal year. Using the fiscal year in that context would make no sense. Saying "2009" at the end AT LEAST signifies that you have SOME confidence that your game will release in that year. GoW3 DIDN'T have a date - that's because they're not confident that it will release in 2009.

If you're all agreeing that Sony has ALREADY pushed the target release date of these games back, then it's looking like a pretty dry year for PS3 games.

Killzone 2

With a sleeper hit to fill in during the holiday season, the PS3's lineup... MATCHES the 360's lineup. Wow. Would you believe it. Hyping up the lineup with games that get delayed to the next year, and then doing the same the next year. Then saying "I don't mind if the game gets pushed back because the lineup's so great". Well I ask you - WHERE are the games if all of these get delayed to 2010? Any exclusives Sony wants to show are almost certainly going to be more 2010 titles - 2010 titles which will be listed in "teh über" 2010 PS3 lineup and then get pushed back to 2011.

SuperM3575d ago

Yoshida has mentioned several times that MAG will release in 09. Only GOW3 is uncertain. But if they announce a release date at E3 which they have said they will, then i believe it will release this fall. Im guessing Oktober to be precise.

They started working on their engine for the ps3 while they where making gow2 so they have actually spent alot of time on the game already.

Aclay3575d ago

I think that Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain WILL be out by the end of 2009. David Cage said back at Leipzig that they were definantly aiming for a Late 2009 release. Of course that can change, but for now as it stands, Heavy Rain is definantly a 2009 title until otherwise confirmed.

As far as Uncharted 2 goes, I think that 2 years of development is a pretty reasonable time frame for Naughty Dog to complete it. They already have the Uncharted 2 game engine, so development should be quicker for it than the first, and that's why I think it'll make a 2009 release. Also, I think that Uncharted 2 was said to be playable at GDC, and if that's the case, I think Uncharted 2 will definantly come out this year.

God of War 3 and MAG are the only major PS3 exclusives that I think wont come out until 2010.

The media sure is interested in the PS3's 2009 lineup... one day there's an article about GOW3 possibly coming out in 2009 and then there's an article from somewhere else that says other wise. I say just wait until there's some confirmation before jumping to conclusions.

Danja3575d ago

Uncharted 2 will be released in November..

GOW 3 I can see being released in March 2009

and M.A.G in February 2009

Heavy Rain I hope it gets released this year so looking forward to this game

hardmetal3575d ago

It's fiscal "not calendar" 2009 line-up.


Sarcasm3575d ago

GoWIII I expect March 2010

Aquanox3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

It's unbelievable how some people never learn. The taste of de-ja-vu was so obvious from the beginning of the year yet the most rabid fans kept posting PS3 2009 lineups as the quintessential of gaming without even knowing if they were confirmed.

I believe God of War 3 will be released next year. With this one and probably GT5 too being pushed, it feels as if the story gets repeated year over year. Don't get me wrong, Sony still has an splendid lineup for this year, but it's way too early to call (Once again) The year of the PS3 without even knowing what your guys or the competition have planned.

After E3 (Or probably before) things will be very clear as of what to expect for the rest of the year. Don't be surprised if we see more of Splinter Cell V and Alan Wake in the following months.

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TOO PAWNED3575d ago

they just try to make it seem "hey look maybe PS3 doesnt have that many exclusives in 09 afterall". BS! Wait for E3.
Besides HR is CONFIRMED for 09, and so is Uncharted 2.

Mike Wallace3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Sony's never delayed any of their big titles...

They've always released on time.

Edit: Oops, I just looked at every PS3 title ever made... nm.

thor3575d ago

This is what I was saying but everyone disagreed with me.

Everyone is SO insecure that they start making up excuses for games' delays before they even get delayed! Fact is, Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain said 2009 in big letters at the end of their trailers. That means that if they release in 2010 THEY HAVE BEEN DELAYED! Simple as that! But I don't think that will happen because they've not hinted in the slightest that those games will be pushed back. It's fair enough if GoW3 gets released in 2010 because they've not put any dates on the trailer.

Sarcasm3575d ago

Killzone 2 isn't delayed. Mike Wallace = Mike Idiot

Rhoic3573d ago

Dude... Killzone 2 was delayed for like 2 years rofl.

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SupaPlaya3575d ago

wonder what Sony has up their sleeve for 2010?? Wonder if Versus will make it out in 2010.

interrergator3575d ago

its a possible to release in 2011 for usa and europe

interrergator3575d ago

god of war 3 and uncharted 2 if they been workin on god of war 3 since god of war 2 was finished then why not i mean insomniac and naughty dog are helping them arent they

Jinxstar3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

GOW always release in March. it's what they do.

Insomniac and ND are helping but they have games of their own to work on man. R&C 2 and Uncharted 2... Not much help your gonna get maybe just advise over phone and email is all...

cmrbe3575d ago

Its getting harder and harder for me to afford all the games i want to play lately.

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