Square-Go: Killzone 2 Review

Square-Go writes: "So is there anything wrong? Well yes. The game is short like Black was short, the intention being the experience was so great, and for most will be, that you want to prove you can do it at a higher level. Level designs are also nothing new; but look exceptional. It's also limited to anyone with no internet access as though the on-line mode is available in single player with bots there is no split screen facility to play on the same console with a friend. This also limits what you can unlock therefore limiting enjoyment. Some of these things are forgivable but limiting things for those who can't do anything about them really isn't. If you can go online then this game probably has much of what you want".

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XtreemGamer3549d ago

The game is short? Well i say one thing.... play it on hard...
And the other thing,if you try to collect all the intel and helghan symbol,your gameplay will be 11-13 hrs. (15-18 hrs on hardest level)