Halo Wars Review - Kikizo

Ensemble's last stand goes under Kikizo's microscope.

The Verdict: "As enjoyable as its first console project can be, we can't shake the feeling that the developer's best may have been yet to come. Cut down in its prime by the money-men, Ensemble leaves us with only an inkling of what it might have achieved a little further outside its PC RTS comfort zone: concept art for a Pixar-esque platformer, talk of a Diablo-in-space-style RPG, the skeleton of a Halo MMO.

Rather than the pinnacle of a celebrated but sequestered history in one genre, Halo Wars could have been the first tentative footprint on virgin territory. Hopefully Robot Entertainment, the phoenix from Ensemble's ashes, will deliver on some of that promise. In the meantime, we suggest you honour this fallen giant with your wallets."

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leper6413523d ago

It's biased they've been paid by Microsoft blah blah blah.

dirigiblebill3523d ago

I wish you could play the Flood