New Unreal Tournament 2004 Mod

This mod by Ektophase is a semi-realistic FPS total conversion. Players can choose between two teams, Special-Ops and Mercenaries, each has an arsenal of customizable weapons to choose from.

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Qdog3526d ago

To the makers of the mod, excellent job. I am amazed at the level of polish in these levels, very good job.

ThanatosDMC3526d ago

It's the same people that made the UT1999 mod... they just called it something else back then. I guess, this facelift also changed it's name. It's not Tactical Ops, but the other one that had more guns and customizable crap.

xionpunk3526d ago

Man, I haven't played UT 2004 in forever,
maybe I'll play a couple of rounds.