Sony sees social gaming as next evolution

Sony Corp. lifted the wraps Wednesday on an online, social-based network designed to spur interest in its high-end PlayStation3 console, which has suffered from product shortages and a high price tag. The move by Sony comes as the video game industry looks to new avenues such as online, social games that can grow the market past its predominantly young male audience that largely favors console-based action titles.

In an interview, Harrison said the company sees the PS3 as a long-term bet on the future of the digital home, as the device not only plays games but allows users to download and share music and video files.
"I think people who are buying the PS3 are very happy with the value their system represents," Harrison said. "Someone who's buying the PS3 knows they are going to have a long-term relationship with the device."

Also, Sony unveiled the "PlayStation Edge," a set of tools the company will make available to game developers for free to spur more titles that can make fuller use of the PS3's capabilities, Harrison said.

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D R Fz5066d ago

Social gaming is clearly the next evolution and xbox live makes that clear. Playstation's "Home" will definitely build on that and i can only speculate that this will improve the online experience for every ps3 owner.

Sphinx5066d ago

I would love to see the whole PS Home thing as a cool way to feel like you are actually playing with the other person, right next to them. My ideal image of it would be that everyone on your buddy list is in your neighborhood, if they are online, their lights would be on, and you can walk in, and see them sitting down in front of a TV playing their PS3... and on that PS3 you can see what they are actually doing in-game. You can then ask the person if you can join in, if they accept, a second controller would appear on the coffe table or something, by clicking on it you'd basically be taking the controller and joining the game. Then, say if another person on your friend's list were to walk in, they'd see you and your friend sitting there playing, and would be able to see what each of you were doing. And so on, and so on.
If it were like that, I could see myself dropping the $600 for a PS3... considering I have enough friends or family who purchase one as well.

BoneMagnus5066d ago (Edited 5066d ago )

And Sony is finally getting it? I guess because Sony says social gaming is important, it now actually is. Kinda like the next generation began when THEY say it did.

Look, I own and like Sony products (no PS3 yet, but hopefully soon), so I'm no fanboy, but these guys(execs for Sony, MS and Nintendo) just need to shut up - or at least hire speech writers or PR people to communicate for them.

The BS Police5066d ago

Yeah Microsoft has been talking about social gaming for a few years now, Sony is the one starting to catch on.

God of Gaming5066d ago

Oh please man... Ive been with LIVE since beta test days and ive met 30+ what I would call good true friends through the service. MS Has been doing it for years.... Its good to see Sony finally catching on but if you think MS doesnt have big plans already in the think tank to take LIVE even further than you are kidding yourself.

But dont get me wrong, this is something that might actually get me to buy a PS3 down the line so its a good thing.. but MS has actually had the unified service for over half a decade... so dont hate on that.

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ElementX5066d ago

Isn't this what Xbox Live players have been doing for years? I mean, there have been multi-player games out FOREVER. Gaming has always been "social"

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