GRAW 2 special unlocks for owners of other Clancy titles

As a reward for buying our previous Clancy titles, those gamers who have already played Splinter Cell Double Agent and/or Rainbow Six Vegas will be able to unlock some exclusive headgear for their characters in GRAW2. GRAW2, searches the 360's hard drive and if it finds a saved game of Rainbow Six Vegas and/or Splinter Cell Double Agent, it will unlock the multiplayer headgear for the gamers..

There are 4 scenarios and this is how they will all work.

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Rasputin20114639d ago

I think this a awesome feat because it is about time gammers who have been playing multiple titles from within the same dev/production camps get some unlockable for the titles available.

Sphinx4639d ago

At least it'll help push people to rent those games, if nothing else. I, myself, have played both those games... and it sorta makes me want to get GRAW2... even though I wasn't planning on it. Touche, Tom Clancy, touche.

OC_MurphysLaw4639d ago

This is a great concept. Reward loyalty to not only a console...but reward loyalty to a developers brand. I have long supported Tom Clancy's games...and UbiSoft so it's nice to see they are taking a forward thinking position and rewarding that loyalty. I will be picking up Graw2 off pre-order tomorrow....can't wait!

Ravenator5294639d ago

I have all 3 games! Its great that Ubisoft is giving us a little something for buying their games. Not to mention the fact that all 4 of the titles are quality games to begin with.

USMChardcharger4639d ago (Edited 4639d ago )

its the one thing I always thought EA did right...i haven't bought an EA DEVELOPED game in a long they still do this?

more than likley every xbox owner has at least one of these two games.

note: i am not saying that EA did the exact same thing. their detection of other EA games on your system never did anything this rewarding.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4639d ago

is SH!T and take our MONEY! :~(>

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